SMART Goals!

By: Fatima Villalba 7th period

Short-Term Goal

I want to get better in math

Short-Term Goal - SMART

I would like to get better in math about ratios and proportions by the 16th of this month

1st Long-Term Goal

I want to be the best in high school

1st Long-Term Goal - SMART

I want to become a valet victorian when I graduate( a senior in the year 2020) that way colleges will want to accept me.

2nd Long-Term Goal in college

I want to pass college

2nd Long-Term Goal - SMART

I want to pass all my courses when I'm in college that way I could become a psychologist by the age of 24

Time Line

I will first understand math and ratios after that I wall pass my math class and then I will pass high school then I will go to college and graduate as a physiologist