The BU Intake Process

Reminders and updates for middle school counselors

We are getting more and more requests for middle school enrollments this time of year and we thought it would be helpful to have information on hand!

The Purposeful Handoff

All administrators have been trained to work with each other when sending/receiving students between BVSD schools. The process is called the purposeful handoff.

The BU Intake Process

The process for students and families who would like to attend Boulder Universal as a hybrid or full time student is as follows:

  1. Purposeful Handoff (initiated by sending school)
  2. Family contacts Marcia Burns, the registrar at BU
  3. Intake meeting (conducted at BU, attended by family, BU staff and sending school administrator)
  4. Enrollment is created based on outcome of the intake meeting.

For more detailed information,


What role do counselors play?

At the middle school level, counselors help families understand that BU is an option for students either as a hybrid or full time enrollment.

Middle level counselors are encouraged to reach out to the BU counselors with information about the student and conversations that have taken place around BU.

Kelly Carlson is the counselor for grades 6 & 7

Christina McCann is the counselor for grade 8

We have recently adopted the process of inviting counselors to each intake meeting so that they are aware a meeting has been scheduled. Counselor participation is optional - you are more than welcome to come even if it is just to check out the process at any time.

Would you like to meet with us in person?

As we approach the season of course selection and 8th to 9th grade transition, we are more than happy to come and meet with your counseling department in person to discuss the different options at BU and how our school works.

If you are interested in having one of the BU counselors meet with your department, please let us know by filling out this request and we will come to your school!