My Grandfather

By: Adriene Miller

My Grandfather

My Grandpa is my hero because of his consistant honorability, integrity, and loyalty. My Grandpa comes from a difficult past. Being drafted into Vietnam, watching his best friend get blown up right next to him is something I could never imagine. He made through it all. He married his high school sweetheart and giving me the best mom in the entire world. He is a good man. A honorable man. He is one of the funniest people i've ever met, he shows kindness to others, he loves his family so much and you can just tell he would do anything he can to help anyone. He is always there when I need to talk to him, he reminds me all the time how important I am to him every chance he gets, he would die for any of his family. He has that big of heart and I look up to him for his righteous decisions and bravery. He has always held such a special place in my heart and I always look up to him.
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“We can be heroes, we can be heroes, we can be heroes just for one day, we can be heroes.” – David Bowie

This quote means that we have the option to be hero's. If we want to be one and then we can achieve it. We decide our destiny by our work ethic. You can even do something for someone one time and be considered a hero to them. Some appreciate the littlest things because they make the bigger picture happen. In Beowulf, he is a hero, he sacrifices his own life at the end, knowing he is going to die he does it for the people. He showed bravery and kindness to others and he choose to do it. He decided he wanted to be a hero. He choose his own fate and he accomplished being a hero by sacrificing himself for others. This relates to my grandfather because he is a hero for going into war and sacrificing his life for others, he choose to put other peoples lives in from of his. He choose to be a hero.

Themes and Symbols

Bravery- I picked this one because in the movie clips "The 13th warrior" a solider threw out a fake bomb and the main character made sure everyone was safe and was willing to die for everyone else and my Grandfather went to war where bombs are being thrown out everywhere and you never know when you could die but he put everyone else's life before his own and I think he is a strong example of bravery.

Fate- I picked fate because in the end of Beowulf he says " That famous prince fought with fate against him " meaning he knew he was dying while the fire hitting his shield was coming at him and he could have ran but he kept it there, he knew he was dying with purpose and thats all the mattered. My Grandfather knew going into the war that if he died he would die with purpose. He accepted whatever fate was coming towards him and that whats a hero does.

Deadly Battle- I choose this one because in Beowulf he knew what he was getting into when fighting the dragon. As soon as he said "The fire coming out of his mouth, hitting the shield and it slowly started to melt" from there on the dragon had won that fight. He went into the battle without using weapons because the dragon would not be using weapons even through the dragon has a lot more "deadly" aspects on him rather than an old man, he accepted it. This was a deadly battle because everyone knew someone was going to die when this happened and same with my Grandfather. He knew he could die, the Vietnam war was a deadly battle, they were fighting for their lives everyday and many lives were lost.