Multi-Genre Project

Ditri Carden


My topic for my Multi-Genre Project is leadership and heroes.
The ballad was written in the context of a narrator announcing to Hrothgar the future coming of Beowulf. It was written using an AABB rhyming pattern in each stanza, with four stanzas to total sixteen lines.

The ballad relates to my theme of leaders and heroes by describing the effect Beowulf would have on Hrothgar. The opening lines describe Hrothgar's "perished heart," saying that it has been separated from day. These first lines are an allusion to his depression and despair after having seen Grendel's onslaught kill his men. As the piece continues, however, the tone becomes lighter, describing a hero almost as a light illuminating Hrothgar's dark despair. At the end of the piece, the narrator announces the end of Hrothgar's pains and Grendel.