M.R.M. Sports Memorobillia

Roanoke, TX


Our cashiers make 15 dollars per hour, so in a week one cashier makes a total of 480 dollars. In a month one cashier makes 1,920 dollars , and in a year one cashier makes a total of 23,040 dollars. We have 6 cashiers, so we spend 138,240 dollars on our cashiers. Our managers make 20 dollars per hour, in a week one manager makes 1,000 dollars. In a month one manager makes 4,000 dollars, and in a year one manager makes 48,000 dollars. We have only 2 managers, so we spend 96,000 dollars on our managers in a year. For all employees we spend 234,240 dollars in a year. 

Things we sell


For our water bill we will pay 624 dollars per year. For our electricity bill we will pay 2,656 dollars per year. Then for our rent we will pay 22,500 dollars. Last our cable costs 612 dollars per year.

Final Budget

The total amount of money spent on products was 973,508.00 dollars. We have a total of $26,492 left over.