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I am a chemical element with the symbol Ds and atomic number of 110. I am extremely radioactive element. My atomic weight is 281. For me, "The most stable known isotope, Darmstadtium-281, has a half-life of approximately 11 seconds, but it is possible that a Darmstadtium isotope may have an isomer with a longer half-life, 3.7 minutes. " -according to Wikipedia. And that is correct! The longest known life for me is indeed 3.7 minuets and so far, nothing can decay me! I was born November 9th, 1994. When I was, I was then put into my now good group of friends. My best friends are: Platinum, Palladium, and Nickel. So far, I am believed to be a transition metal, and a noble metal. I have 110 protons and electrons. In my most abundant isotope, I had 171 neutrons. I do not have a group name, but I reside in group 10, period 7. My physical properties go as follows: "Darmstadtium is expected to be a solid under normal conditions and to crystallize in the body-centered cubic structure, unlike its lighter congeners which crystallize in the face-centered cubic structure, due to its being expected to have different electron charge densities from them. It should be a very heavy metal with a density of around 34.8 g/cm3. In comparison, the densest known element that has had its density measured, osmium, has a density of only 22.61 g/cm3. This results from darmstadtium's high atomic weight, the lanthanide and actinide contractions, and relativistic effects, although production of enough darmstadtium to measure this quantity would be impractical, and the sample would quickly decay."-according to Dynamic Periodic Table.


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Post by: dARMSTADtium110. Date and time: Thursday 4:03 2014

My atomic mass is 281. My atomic number is 110.

PS: I'm so awesome, I'm extremely radioactive! Literally! Check my selfie!

Post by: dARMSTADtium110. Date and time: Thursday 4:05 2014

Hey, NICKel28, plATINUM78, PALLAdium46? I'm glad we are friends. We have so much in common! For example: We are all d-block transition metals, we have a resistance to tarnish, we are highly ductile, usually lustrous, we are white to light grey in color, we can be used for decretive purposes in the form of jewelry and electro plateing, or metal alloys, catalysts in a variety of chemical reactions, and much more! Oh, and I was discovered by Gesellschaft Fur Schwerionenforschung in the GSI Helmholtz Centre for Heavy Ion Research. I cannot be found in nature, so far only in labs. I was made by bombarding lead atoms and nickel atoms in a heavy ion accelerator. I am not found in any other compounds.

Reply by: plATINUM78. Date and time: Thursday 4:06 2014

Yup! Best buds! We are all like peas in a pod!

Reply by: dARMSTADtium110. Date and time: Thursday 4:06 2014

Yeah. It's pretty nice having friends like you guys, but being noble metals with 8 valence electrons is kind of sad sometimes.

Reply by: PALLAdium46. Date and time: Thursday 4:07 2014

Sad how?

Reply by: dARMSTADtium110. Date and time: Thursday 4:08 2014

Well, when you guys introduced my into the group, I knew how it felt to be new, and I wanted to know how it felt like to be a mentoring friend. Kinda. Maybe. Ok, I messed my wording up, lol.

Reply by: PALLAduim46. Date and time: Thursday 4:08 2014

Lol indeed, Darmie! But, I do know how you feel. Maybe there will be a new addition someday!

Reply by: NICKel28. Date and time: Thursday 4:09 2014

I hope so. It would be exciting, no doubt!

Post by: dARMSTADtium110. Date and time: Thursday 4:10 2014

Hah thanks guys. Hey, check out these info videos about me! I'm famous! (Kinda. :D)

PS: Did you guys know I was named for the city of Darmstadt, Germany, where I was born?

I also bet you didn't know that elements 111* and 112** were discovered in the same lab? Or that my name wasn't assigned until 2003 by the IUPAC?

PPS: *= Element 111 is Roentgenium,Rg. **= Element 112 is Copernicium, Cp. ( Also Uub, but later changed in 2011. )

Darmstadtium - Periodic Table of Videos
What Is Darmstadtium

Reply by: NICKel28. Date and time: Thursday 4:04pm 2014

Wow, I didn't know your atomic mass. Interesting indeed! Oh and nice selfie, Darmstadtium!