Vet Tech (:

All my Patients have tails

Educational Requirments

A 2 year associate's degree in veterinary technology.
Can also enroll in advanced 4-year bachelor's degree program for animal science or pre-vet studies.

Required Skils (:

Physical skills: able to handle delicate lab equipment, scared or hurt animals, stamina, and should be able to lift and move both animals and equipment.
Medical Skills: administering medication and immunizations to animals, understanding of and interest in concepts related to biology, medical and dentistry.
Personal : should have some basic personal qualities and skills to ensure a successful career. need to be compassionate toward both animals and their owners, work well with others, should have great customer service orientation, especially when greeting clients and when making phone calls.

Salary (:

In the state of Oregon, Veterinary Technician's can make any where from 28,00- 30,00 dollars a year.
An hour Veterinary Technician's make anywhere from 10- 17 dollars an hour.

Job Benefits

some of the benefits of becoming a Veterinary technician include:
  • Fulfilling a passion for animals and wanting to help them.
  • variety of Duties and Work Environments
  • Valuable Team Member
  • Job growth and security