Garage Sale

Saturdays and Sundays near DTLA

How we help you save!

Hello everyone! We are holding weekend garage sales in the upcoming weeks right from our home. We invite you to come take a look and take advantage of our stock. The way we work is we purchase huge pallets of household items at warehouse prices then we share those discounts with you and the community. There is no need to be over paying for our household necessities nowadays, you can just head down here and save yourself a buck or two!

Here are a sample of our new household items!

Come to our GS!

We take no customer for granted, we appreciate good business and like to reward you for it too. The more you buy the less you pay! Our prices are are set by the retail value of the items.....them we slash them in half, sometimes into thirds! All items that we sell are new and in working order. We make sure that you get what you need in a usable condition.

We are here!

Be an early bird on Saturdays and save even more! The more you buy the less you pay!