Animal Farm

Harvis Pupo


He woke up early to do work , the character of him was he will worker harder and he wants to improve himself. but he's bad animal because he send a dogs to kill snowball. and snowball never come back because he was scared of Napoleon, and snowball left forever, and all the animals forgot about him.

Napoleon taking over

Napoleón had always wanted power to the beginning. in the beginning he had taken the dogs from his mothers. he took the dogs and the animals never saw the dogs never again. napoleon train the dogs to kill him and scared him to never return again, and every body forgot him.

The Windmill

snowball was thinking of windmill and snowball had the idea of the windmill. Snowball start to ran off by Napolean´s dogs and he was never see again. Napolean's start to think in somethig then Napoleóan told to all the animals that were to work, the animals start to worked hard, but bóxer worked harder because he start to suspect about Napolean. the animals were near finishing when over night it was destoyed. all the animals assumed it was snowball who had knocked it over.
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the flag of animal farm

Every Sunday, the animals hold a flag-raising ceremony. The flag’s green background represents the fields of England, and its white hoof and horn symbolize the animals. The morning rituals also include a democratic meeting, at which the animals debate and establish new policies for the collective good.