Catherine, Called Birdy

Feel like you're in the middle ages with teenage, Catherine!

Objective Summary: October

14 year old Catherine is rebellious and a troublemaker. She has never seen a hanging or been far away from home without her nurse Morwenna. She sneaks away from home and goes to the fair by pretending to be a Jew, and following them there. Later, another man coming to look at her finds Catherine throwing muck into the air. She pretends to be another person and describes herself as ugly and stupid. A few days later, her mothers loses her baby and Catherine has to take her place in the journey to Edward's abbey. While visiting, she realizes she wants to run away and be a monk, but changes her mind. She returns home and her Uncle George comes days later to stay with her family.


Catherine lives in Stonebridge, England in 1290. Her family lives in a manor and her father is knight (See picture below for their place in the feudal system). Her family has a nurse named Morwenna, 10 servants, and 70 villagers.


Catherine is the main character of the book. Her mother is Lady Aislinn and her father is named Rollo. She has three brothers named Edward, Robert, and Thomas. Catherine's father is a country knight, her brother Thomas serves the king, and her other brother, Edward, is a monk. She has a nurse named Morwenna and a friend named Perkin, that is a goat boy. Another character that comes to visit Catherine's family is her Uncle George, who is a crusader.

Characteristics of Catherine

Catherine is still a teenager, at the age of 14 years old. She is rebellious and likes to cause trouble. Whenever a suitor comes to look at her, she acts unlike herself and tries to make the man disgusted of her. Also, Catherine has snuck away from home multiple times. She hates having to do "Lady's Work", which includes sewing and hemming.


I predict that Catherine is going to keep sneaking away and causing mischief. I also think that she is going to try and scare away all the men coming to meet her, but eventually find a man she likes.