Salsa and Bachata Lessons

All Paladin and ACME Invited

Learn the "Kung Fu" of Dancing

Bruce Lee: Hong Kong's "cha cha cha" champion of 1958

Unfortunately we will not cover jabs, hooks or eye gauges in these dance lessons. Instead I will focus on how to lead your opponent, I mean partner, clearly and comfortably so everyone will enjoy dancing with you.

Equally important, I will train the fundamentals of body mechanics and musicality and develop exercises you can practice in our group sessions or on your own. You will not feel the same burn during abs or yoga. Instead you will gain control over muscles you never knew you had.

Where? CJ3 Classroom

Every Wed, Fri, and Sun: 2030 - 2130 (all levels)

Island Style Movements

My name is Rani and I grew up on an island. I never had the fortune of having salsa and bachata music around me. I've never been trained professionally.

So what qualifies me to teach you? I love to dance and I am in love with the music. Everything I've learned has been from other great dancers, performers, and what I've seen on dance floors all over the world. And everything I know I am willing to share with you