About England


England is nere netherlands and Belgium and ireland that is all is by water.


  1. Tourist attractions are St. Paul`s of london, London Eye, Tower of london, london dungeon, palace of westmister, hyde park england, british museum, saint james park and lensington palace.
  2. Chain of mountains and rolling hills. animals in england are Eurasian Otter ,Red Deer, Polecat Roe, Deer Hazel, Dormouse Rabbits, Common Frog, Natterjack Toad, Great Crested Newt, Adder Sand Lizard, Smooth Snake, Swan Robin, Tawny Owl, Stoat, Pine Marten and Common Seal.

Human-environment Interaction

  1. fermers are chaging the avarmint by macing crops.


people are moving by trans, cars, vans and taxis.


the most popular mountains are cross fell and skidded their is more.

the most popular rivers are south,north, west, river trent and rivergreat ouse