Magnesium Wanted Poster

By Christopher Lennon

Wanted for

Magnesium is wanted for: sparklers, flares, fireworks, uranium out of salt, and is necessary for every living organism. Also found in cameras, laptops, cell phones, and other electronics. Magnesium can also make titanium. Magnesium is also needed by all human beings, and without it we would be physically weakened. Without it bones would become weak and humans wouldn't grow. Magnesium also functions as a laxative, and athletes use it to improve endurance and tolerance. finally Magnesium is used in beer cans, aircraft, missiles, and salt.


Magnesium is also called magnesium oxide, and its chemical symbol is Mg. Magnesium's name comes from magnesia a section of a city in Thessaly.


Magnesium is a shiny gray metal, that has an atomic number of 12, and an atomic mass of 24.305. Magnesium is also solid at room temperature.
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First arresting officer

Magnesium was first Discovered by Joseph Black in 1755. Black was born on April 1728 in Bordeaux, France. He was the son of an Ulster merchant John Black. Black attended the University of Glasgow to study art. His father then told him to find a study that led to an actual job. Black choose medicine. In college for a thesis he did experiments with Magnesium, discovering the element.

Rerport of First Arrest

It started when a farmer tried to give his cows water, but they wouldn't drink it. He then noticed that the water healed cuts and rashes. It was then discovered to be a new element by Joseph Black.

Last seen

Magnesium was last seen at number twelve on the periodic table, at group two, period three. Magnesium can also be found in seawater, and the minerals dolomite, and magnesite.

Known Associates

Magnesium has been known to be combined with hydrogen, fluorine, chlorine, bromine, , iodine, oxygen, sulfur, nitrogen, and carbon. The equation for mixing oxygen with Magnesium is 2Mg+ O2= 2MgO.

Warning label

in its pure form Magnesium is generally stable.
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