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Mitch Albom

An old man, A young man, And life's greatest lesson!

My god what a book. It's a drama, a biography, a book on philosophy it is simply the greatest book I have ever had the pleasure to experience. Once you start reading you can't put it down, it is irresistible not to fall in love with. The book persuaded my sister to become a surgeon, and has me looking at life in a totally different manner. I am so grateful that Ms. Walter made me read this book for a book report, because if not I would have been robbed of a literary masterpiece.

My Favorite Quotes

"Accept who you are; and revel in it."
"Don't let go to soon, but don't hold on for too long."
"Love wins, love always wins."
"Death ends a life, not a relationship."
"What's so wrong with being number two?"

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