Volcanic Eruption

To describe pyroclastic materials and lava.

Types Of Mafic Lava.

To begin with, there are three type of mafic lava the first one is called pahoehoe because it forms from hot fluid lava, as it cools It turns smooth ropy texture and its the least viscous mafic lava.the next one is called Aa lava and its more viscous than pahoehoe lava because it forms sharp volcanic rock when it cools.finally you got Blocky lava the most viscous type of mafic lava that's forms chunky volcanic rock when it cools. All this type of lava are made up of mafic magma witch is made up of magnesium and iron making a dark color that would make it have less trap gas with a quiet eruption.

Pyroclastic Material.

First of all, there are some pyroclastic materials that form when magma breaks into fragment during an eruption. Other pyroclastic materials form when fragments of erupting lava cool and solidify as they fly through the air. Particles that are less than 2mm in diameter are called volcanic ash and volcanic dust is less than .25mm this are the smallest pyroclastic particles. Also there are large pyroclastic particles that are less than 64mm and those are called lapillis and they fall near the vent. Clots of lava is thrown out the erupting volcano while there are hot and red and they spin as they go through the air developing spindle or round shape and they are known as volcanic bombs. Last but not least we have volcanic bombs the largest pyroclastic particles because they form solid rock which is blasted out of the vent they could be as big as a house. This pyroclastic particles are made up of felisc magma which is made up of silica and feldspar and has more trap gas and a light color, making a big violent eruption with a high viscosity.

Type Of Pyroclastic Material

Volcanic block

Solid rock that is blasted out the vent and they may be as big as a house.