Bmw i8

The most beautiful and economic car in world


  1. Model years: 2014

  2. Battery charge time: 3.5h at 110V, 1.5h at 220V

  3. Horsepower: 357 HP

  4. Engine: 1.5L 3-cylinder

  5. Battery: 7.1 kWh lithium-ion

BMW i8


Type of electric motor

BMW eDrive technology:
AC Synchronous Electric Motor with integrated power electronics, charger and generator mode for recuperation

eDrive Motor (front):

Power: 129/4800 bHP/1/min
Torque: 184 lb-ft

3 cylinder TwinPower Engine (rear):

Power: 228 / 5800 bHP/1/min
Torque: 236 / lb-ft/1/min

Total Combined System Output:

357 hp / 420 lb-ft (calculated)

High-voltage battery type


Energy capacity

7.1 kWh

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