Dangerous debris

One day at a time makes everything right!


Marine garbage is very visible and easily recognized of all the pollution in the ocean and it causes serious damage to marine wildlife. Every year millions of marine animals die worldwide because of all of the different types of pollution in the ocean marine animals come across.

Most of the trash that ends up in the ocean is either left directly on the beach but most of it is just out on the streets and is washed down to the sea through storm water drains and rivers.

Some of the trash that is washed down particularly plastics can last in the ocean for years. There are plenty of other items that make up the marine garbage. Such as fishing nets, plastic bags, etc.

Ballon Ribbon?

This is a party balloon, ribbon still attached, it was found to be blocking the digestive tract of a make sperm whale at an autopsy.
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Plastic are of most concern. However over time the suns rays break down plastic into smaller pieves where they can end up as small as plankton. This breaking down process is very slow, allowing the garbage to continue to float around year after year.

What can we do about it?

As we get older so does the earth. The more we help the better our world can be for our future. By just picking up a piece of plastic from the street is the way to start. If no one starts now imagine what our earth will look like in the future. It's as simple as picking up your cellphone everyday. One step at a time will make a difference in the world.

by Aylin Duarte