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June 2020

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If you missed our webinar, you can find it archived in our NDAGC Webinar Library. Just visit the Membership Portal. Professional development credit for these webinars is pending. Stay tuned. A summary of the June Webinar is provided below.

How to Talk to Power Brokers about Gifted Education

Communicating effectively with legislatures, administrators, and other power brokers is one of the best ways to ensure a gifted child receives the learning environment needed to succeed in school. Not everyone starts out as a strong advocate. Having one’s heart in the right place marks a good first step, but passion without the temperance of an intentional and well-reasoned plan will only lead to frustration. This webinar will describe the basic skills and knowledge for advocating on behalf of gifted children. Attendees will learn how to deliver brief, impactful, measures to decision makers. They will also learn how to work with others to develop a networking plan. The session will review performance data for North Dakota’s high ability students and discuss how to weave that data into advocacy.

Building Your Advocacy Toolbox

Did you know that ND state aid to Gifted Programming in YR 2019-2020 was only $400,000? That is roughly $4/student. Gifts and talents do not develop unless nurtured. For students with high ability and limited resources, their public school may be their only hope for academic support. Every gifted child has a right to seek guidance in development of their potential.

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