John Wilkes Booth

By: Kaylina and Antonio

Early Years

John Wilkes Booth was born on May 10, 1838 near Bel Air, Maryland. John Wilkes Booth grew up with 9 siblings. His education was at Milton Boarding School for Boys, and St. Timothy's Hall. When he was just 17 years old he made his first acting debut. He joined the No-Nothing Party.
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Contribution to the Civil War

John Wilkes Booth was part of a organization that was meant to kidnap President Abraham Lincoln. When Lincoln decided to not go to a certain event, Booth's plan failed. John Wilkes Booth went to drastic measures and during a play, he sneaked up went to the presidential area and assassinated President Abraham Lincoln.

Life after the Civil War

After the Civil War, the whole Union and some citizens went on a wild search for John Wilkes Booth. When found, he and his fellow group members were hung. In Port Royal, Virginia on April 26, 1865. He was buried in the Green Mount Cemetery in Baltimore, Maryland.
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Interesting Facts

-Booth's father had a reputation of heavy drinking.

-From a young age Booth was described as very handsome.

- Lincoln was assassinated the week before John Wilkes Booth's birthday.

-17 when he started his acting career

-John Wilkes Booth was supposedly his fathers favorite child.