Battle of Midway

One of the most decisive naval battles in WW2

Location of Battle and Nations involved in battle

The battle was in the North Central Pacific Ocean, and the U.S. and Japan were the only nations involved in the war.

Generals Involved

The Japanese general was Yamamoto Isoroku, he was the mastermind of the Pearl Harbor attack. The U.S. general was Chester W. Nimitz, he was the leading authority in the navy on U.S. submarines.

Dates Battle was fought

The battle was fought June 4, 1942 to June 7, 1942.

Goals of Battle

The U.S.' goal in the Battle of Midway was to ruin Japan's navy.

Key strategies or tactics used in this battle

Isoruko invaded a target near Pearl Harbor to attempt to bring out the American fleet, waiting for the U.S. counterattack. Nimitz placed U.S. carriers in a spot to catch the Japanese off guard, moving for their air strikes.

Outcome of Battle

The U.S. ended up winning one of the most decisive naval battles during WW2 defeating the Japanese, this battle helped ruin Japan's naval strength when the U.S. destroyed four of Japan's aircraft carriers.

Long Lasting Outcome of Battle

Many people say this was the turning point of the war and one the reasons we won the war.