Outdoor Wild life (OWL)

Jameson, Ben, Parker, Sumedh, Ali, Andrew, Ryan

Proposed Use of Ute Indian Reservation Land

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Marker A: Base Camp/Office

<Write an explanation has to how this location meets the needs of a Base Camp/Office>

Marker B: Hiking

<You need to identify/draw at least 2 NEW trails. One needs to be an easy hike and another a harder hike, but still a hike and not rock climbing. Be sure to include a name for each of your trails and the length of the trail.>

Marker C: tubing

We have 2 tubing locations. One is for beginner and one for master. they are both about 2 miles long. Also include the length the trip. A vehicle is used to transport the customer to the drop off and pick up locations.

Marker D: <Your Choice from Board>

There is zip lining about 7 miles away from base camp that lies across a steep valley. it is quite a hike but can also be a biking trail. The rock climbing area is about four miles away, and also has a biking trail.