The Kids Are Home.... Now What?

Greetings Razorbacks!

Happy Monday !

This week's newsletter is to outline our online learning launch that begins this week. Please remember that we have chromebooks available for those that need a device. Pick up is today for A-M and Tuesday, April 14th, N-Z. Again, you are not required to use a chromebook. Only if you need to borrow the device should you visit. Please use the link sent to you this weekend to fill out your electronic request. We want to minimize contact for the safety of us all. We are here to support, serve, and keep you safe! Please be sure to read all information regarding the daily schedule, logging in to Schoology, and your courses below in order to start strong. Teachers will give grades for lessons in Schoology.

If you are concerned about communication, or the lack thereof, please do not hesitate to email me @ If you need help, as always, please reach out. We win as a Team!

Stay safe and be well,

Principal T. Walker

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RMS Remote Ready Way (Online Classes This Week!)

Our online classes are set up by your last Razorsharp teacher. We felt this system is something all teachers and scholars are used to. We have had Razorsharp intervention during 3rd period every single day, all year. Each teacher has been planning, preparing, and training using the Project Based Lesson Plan unit in Schoology. Students have a Project Based Learning (PBL) unit every three weeks to complete. The project has two assignments due each week. All 6th-8th grade teachers and scholars in Spring ISD will complete the same project, same lessons. Each campus and each student will complete the lessons and receive instruction based on their individual needs, gifts, and talents.

RMS Online Classes and Teacher Support

Teachers will hold class and support the PBL unit by teaching lessons and providing support on the two assignments due each week, going over the challenge brief, and giving students ideas to help complete the project. All RMS teachers meet every Monday and Tuesday to discuss the lessons and find ways to support, discuss, share out, and practice instruction. We even have our own lesson hub so that all teachers can share ideas, activities and resources that others have planned with their classes. We want all of our students to have equal access and equal opportunities. Furthermore, we have our instructional support team of leaders who will create and provide weekly live lessons, small group pull outs, and visual accommodations for all Special Services, ELL , 504, and RtI students.

First Week Launch Daily schedule



  • Chromebook Check-In Last Names A-M
  • Explore your Schoology Website! Use this link to help:

  • Learn more about how to log in to the myspring portal, find your instructional tab, find Schoology, find your course, and explore the site! Use this link to help!


  • Chromebook Check-In Last Names N-Z
  • Explore your Schoology Website to learn more!
  • Learn how to upload your assignments! Use this link to help!

  • Read over your Project Based Learning Unit to get an understanding of the format. Things to look for are: the rubric, the 2 assignments per week, and the overall project expectations described in the challenge brief.

Wednesday (First day live 10:00-11:00 & 11:30-12:30)

  • Check in with your Schoology class at 10:00 and 11:30

~Participate in Our RMS Creed!

~Share out “Good Things” as a class

~Read and annotate the challenge brief as a class

~Complete a “Knows—Need to Know” T-chart to describe things you already have learned vs things you know you need to learn more about or need help with!

~Choose a Say Something Stem and sum up what you learned about your first project. Be ready to share out if called upon! You can also be first to volunteer!

~These two links describe the first week Say Something class activity!


  • Check in with your Schoology class at 10:00 and 11:30
  • Begin Lesson 1 instruction and support

Daily/Weekly Schedule Monday Through Friday

Teacher Support on line through Schoology


Teacher Support on line through Schoology


6th Grade Project Based Learning Schoology Teachers (Razorsharp)

Mrs. Franklin

Mrs. Ogbonna

Mr. Alexander

Mrs. Ramos

Ms. Garcia

Mrs. Sweeney

Mrs. Groom

Ms. Powers

Mr. Leal

Mr. Idlebird

Ms. Phillips

Mrs. Menasco

Ms. Teltschik

Ms. Sonnier

Mrs. Lizcano

Ms. Hill

Mrs. McHugh

7th Grade Project Based Learning Schoology Teachers (Razorsharp)

Mrs. Pharris

Mr. Lowry

Mr. Schermerhorn

Mrs. Jamar

Ms. Oluyide

Ms. Brown

Mrs. Stovall

Mr. Webb

Ms. Caldwell

Mrs. Pitts

Mr. King

Mrs. Megan

Mrs. Valentine

Mr. White

Mr. Vaccaro

8th Grade Project Based Learning Schoology Teachers (Razorsharp)

Mrs. Zimmer

Mr. Lancelin

Mr. Abdalla

Mr. Galbraith

Ms. Veal

Ms. Cooper

Ms. Qualls

Mrs. Reynolds

Mrs. Hall

Mrs. McNeil

Mrs. Buscio

Ms. Walker

Mr. Guillen

Mr. Ferguson

Mr. Waterman

Mr. Spahr

Mr. Presley

Instructional Services Support Team

  • Mary Allen-Math Coach
  • Ingrid Zeno-Miller (ELAR Coach-ESL Certified)
  • Nicole Dunbar (Student Support Specialist for At-Risk/RtI)
  • Louis Miller (Campus Instructional Technology Lead, Special Programs Coordinator)
  • Marla Nnabuife (Testing Coordinator, Special Education Lead)
  • Megan Mchugh (CASE program lead, Special Programs Teacher)
  • Dante Ricardo (Special Education Inclusion Teacher)
  • Dawson Ferguson (Special Education Inclusion Teacher)
  • Laurie Brittain (Multi-Lingual LEP Campus Lead)


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