The Transparent Frog

By:Tyler K. Thomas

See Through Frog

The transparent frog was created in Japan by scientists,Masayuki Sumida led the protect at the institute for amphibian biology in Hiroshima University. The way the frog came to be was the way scientists mixed a verity of different breeds of frog to give it a pale and see through layer of skin. The frog can be used in many ways like seeing the insides of it instead of dissecting it. One of its main purposes is to see the effects of drugs and toxins inside the organisms body without dissenting it. Also it's used to see the formation of cancer in the frog and to see the result of the cancer.

My Opinion On Genetic Engineering And The Frog

First of all I think that genetic engineering is the next step in science because they are genetically modified the organism to be better than it was before. Also i think that the type of genetic engineering used to make the frog should be allowed because with that type of technology they are making it easier to study a variety of cancers and seeing the effects of toxins and medicines. The frog can make us understand many things like how cancer is formed and what things can harmed the body.