First Grade News


This week in First Grade

Language Workshop: For language workshop this week we began a new story and a new poem. Our Making Meaning story for the week was the non-fiction text, A Good Night’s Sleep. Along with recognizing non-fiction text features, we discussed information that was gained from the story in order to make connections to our own lives. We also used this book to learn four new vocabulary words. Please try using, doze, plenty, essential, and store in conversation over the weekend. In shared reading this week we celebrated the life of the famous author Dr. Seuss with an excerpt from his book, You’re Only Old Once. We used this poem to practice the snappy word, get, and the word part –ee from the rhyming words free and tree. Please look for these words and word parts during your daily read alouds.

Writing: In writer’s workshop this week we began our unit study of non-fiction writing. After comparing and contrasting fiction and non-fiction stories that we have previously read, we recognized non-fiction text features such as photographs, the index and glossary, and headings. Next we read two non-fiction stories. The first, Bee, was used to gain information about this insect while the second, Dr. Kanner Dentist with a Smile, was used to help us understand how to write a non-fiction story with facts about ourselves as individuals. We also collected facts about our school in order to write non-fiction stories about a place. Please make sure to factor in some non-fiction reading into your daily read alouds.

Math: This week in Math Workshop this week we completed Chapter 7 and took our written assessment. To finish the last few lessons, we worked on addition of two digit numbers by regrouping ones and tens and subtraction of two digit numbers by subtracting ten. Please keep an eye out in your child’s “Take Home Folder” for your copy of their assessment. The parent letter that accompanies the third quarter math benchmark will come home in your child’s grade card envelope after spring break. Please contact my with any questions or concerns.