The Battle of Yorktown

Adam Younk and Emily Knuth

Battle of Yorktown

The Battle of Yorktown began on September 28th and ended on October 19th 1781. The battle was the last battle in the Revolutionary War. The war started when Great Britain taxed the 13 colonies because they needed money. The Battle of Yorktown was the most important battle of the Revolutionary War.

Important People of The Battle

Why Was It Important

- The Battle of Yorktown ended the Revolutionary War

- Lead to the singing of the Treaty of Paris, which ended the Revolutionary War

- British: 272 wounded or killed

- 13 Colonies: 94 wounded or killed

- Showed Great Britain and other countries they could be an independent country

Fun Facts

- On October 19, 1781 General Cornwallis signed the British surrender. The document was called the Articles of Capitulation

- Around 8,000 British troops surrendered in Yorktown

- The Battle was fought in Yorktown, Virginia

- In this battle between the French, Americans, and the British, nearly one third of the soldiers were Germans, thousands on each side

-The loyalists were expecting to get reinforcements from the British Navy in the Battle of Yorktown. When the French defeated the Navy, General Cornwallis knew the battle was over