the wild animal abuse

Edwin sandoval


The animals and the wild get Apart their families and they get kidnapped from their families and in box and take them in a ship and take them in a circuses to be trained and live in in box or a change its take years to to see their families or chaned up. Out side

wild curcus

the wild curcus is to training lions and animal when the the animals when they get train if they get hit when they faield or get a trite and they are traind will they do the show they make them do the trick they hit them so the people can see the trick can not be bored and peopel hit them hit them i'f animals they get out of the ring and just it

Animal Abuse

curcus and the anmasl from the wild the anmasl been when the hunter chater them the anmals and they get payed by doing the job and geting the money for the curcus