Keiana Dugan 2nd Hour

Career Ocupation

In meteorology people study the weather and the weather conditions. They also study the atmosphere. People in this career can be a daily weather forecasting, atmospheric research, teaching, or broadcasting.

What you need to be successful in this career

Good highschool classes are Calculus, Geology, Physics, Public Speaking, Statistics, Probability, and Trigonometry/Advanced Algebra.

As far as college, I would need a masters degree, work experience, and a graduate degree for research and facility positions.

Education Costs

The tuition at the University of Madison $10,728 dollars per year. If you plan on having and apartment it is and average of 22,800 dollars for four years. The average for groceries is 10,560 dollars with no one else and that's for four years. Gas money if you just going to work and school for four years is around 4,080. If you get clothing it depends on how much you get and how expensive your clothes are, up I got around 400 dollars for the four years.

The total if you stay in those ranges would be are 75,096 dollars for the whole tuition.

I would need to get a part time job because I don't have to money to pay for all the books and everything, but others many have been saving money for years. I don't have lot of money to begin with and I will need it for books, so yes I think I'll need a loan, or financial aid. This career isn't for everyone, including me. I want to do something more in life than just weather, but others love learning different things everyday

Associations/Professional Organizations

America Meteorological Society

World Meteorological Organization

Pros and Cons


1) They get to help others plan out there day by forecasting what the weather will be like

2) They say there job is challenging, but it makes it fun

3) They get to learn the signs of bad weather and will always know even without looking at the weather.


1) Not many changes to advance in a higher job

2) Sometimes you have to work on weekends and nights

3) The job is challenging because the weather is always changing

Job Advertisment

Have you ever been scared out of your wits and wished you new what to do? Then meteorologist is the perfect job for you. They get to report the weather, study it and the same goes for the atmosphere. All you need to do is get a masters degree. The pay for doing this is great! In one year you make 49,120 dollars. Wow. Some people get to work in airports or even the federal government. Now that's awesome. Meteorologists know so much and they get payed to tell the world about it. You should become one and be amazing too!
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