Discrimination Against Africans

persistance in the racial times

comparing and contrasting MLK and malcolm x

comparing and contrasting MLK and Malcolm x

the two people I will be talking about in this article are Martin Luther king JR. and I will also be comparing there similarities and differences. some similarities that Malcolm x and Martin Luther King JR. share are that they were both bullied because of there race, another reason these two civil rights activists are similar is because they both want all the races to come together and form a multiracial community. these to popular known activists were raised in under privileged and poor communities. although some differences between the two are that Martin was a peacekeeper and Malcolm x was a fighter and loved lashing out in violent ways and did whatever necessary to get the message across which potentially led to more violence in the streets. another difference is that Martin usually enjoyed life at a young age but Malcolm was usually frustrated and angry.

The discrimination of the black race

Who was affected the most by this

the race most affected by this tragedy that our nation has faced is probably the black race because they were constantly tortured and beaten by the white race and were forced to do everything separately from the whites like separate jobs separate schools and strict community rules.

How did this all start

this all started in the late 1800 slave trades when the white settlers used African Americans for cheap labor which slowly led to them losing more and more rights as history progressed and that's basically how the discrimination all began.

why did they do this

basically they did this because it made them feel more in power and more dominate of certain areas and places such as stores,restaurants, and other other social places.

cause and effects of african american discrimination

Some causes and effects of African American discrimination would be hatred which caused riots which led to people getting hurt and death. one example of a cause and effect situation leading death his name was Frederick Jermaine Carter died from hanging from a tree in a predominantly white neighborhood. with a reputation to not being liked by African Americans so he hung himself so then it would make it look like the white men hung him but that just made for more chaos.

problems and solutions to fixing African American discrimination

One problem is that people would often get offended by the Americans and would yell back at them which lead to fighting and people getting hurt and that started even bigger fights, but they could have avoided it by just ignoring them and walking away. and if that didn't work than they could have just moved to or start building there own African American community and fight for there rights non violently. another major problem was that the whole community wasn't functioning properly which led to the African Americans not getting enough education and jobs due to the fact that they were a different color and race. one way they faced that tragedy was by speaking out to the white communities and a couple examples of these brave souls are Martin Luther King JR. Rosa Parks and Malcolm X.should the reason these people are all good African American rights advocates is because they all stood up for what they believed in and what they believed was that all people were created as equals and that everybody be treated that way.

the African Ameican fight to justice from day 1 to day 21900 and counting

From not being able to vote to not being able to go to the same Schools with white boys and girls. we take a look at the sequence of events in this depressing time in history, this all started when one race thought they had more power than the other race which led to hate crimes. And then not to long after African Americans couldn't attend the same schools as white children and adults couldn't go to the same stores or restaurants as whites so they would have to make other places for them to go and they would label them either Blacks only, or Whites only. and then not to long after that people started to kill the blacks because of simple debates or arguments so the African American population started to die out and soon after there were riots and fights all across the country. and some of those riots were peaceful but some ended in fights and injuries some were fatal some were not but finally all the fighting and rioting died down when people started recognizing what they were doing and listened to the African American rights activists. And that is how it all ended.