By: Jesse Garcia


Book review By: Jesse Garcia

Fracture Book Review

The book I am bringing upon you Fracture by Megan Miranda.It was very mysterious and it kept me reading for long periods of time.If you’re bored or just have lots of time to spare check Fracture out I promise it won’t be a waste of time. Fracture has a very interesting conflict and plot,the protagonist is Delaney and the antagonist is Tara.The setting is beautiful city covered in snow in the state of Maine the city is full of snow and ice all winter.The conflict of the story is in the beginning when Delaney falls through ice and stays trapped in the water for eleven minutes.When Delaney wakes up the whole town was surprised because the doctor declared her dead but she woke up days later and surprised everyone.

Later in the story Delany gets an ability to sense people's death or is it to cause people's death that's what Delaney was trying to figure out.I found this novel very interesting and very hard to decipher it's foreshadowing.If you like books that make you think what’s going to happen next Fracture is the book for you.I found this book very mysterious and breathtaking and I would recommend this book to anybody who likes to read some good novels like Hunger Games or the Percy Jackson series.

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