Inside Out & Back Again

Thanhha Lai

Ha's big journy

Ha had a realy hard time on boat beaucuse she coundent really eat evey singal day. One very said part was when her brothers khoi chick died. He had to throw it of deck and he was sad. Then ha told him that since he had to throw the chick of deck she will throw her favorite toy off deck to make her brother happy.

The missing family meber

missing family meber

 The father was missing beaucuse he was kidnapped when he was in the miletery. And now hes been missing for years now. And now they have no idea if he still alive beaucuse they hafent seen him in alot of years.

Ha made a papaya tree

Ha loves papaya trees alot. In fact when ha had to leave on a ship she wanted to take her paya trees but she had to burn it all. And she was sad to burn all her papaya trees. She was sad beaucuse she had planted so much buy couldent get to eat all of them so she was sad beuacuse now she wount ever get to taste one agin