You Go Girls!

By Lizzie Mandell

Imagine Alex, a strong and coordinated girl, getting on a boys team. The boys think that she isn't strong enough, but she still plays. The boys never pass the ball to her and the coach makes her sit on the side. If girls went on boys teams more often, none of this would be happening. Before puberty, girls should be able to play on boys teams as long as they have similar skills.

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Girls should be allowed to play on boys' sports if they are skilled enough. Today "females are throwing strikes on the baseball diamond, kicking field goals on the football field, and taking slap shots on the hockey rink" (Satterfield) Girls playing on boys team have increased abundantly. Girls are playing baseball, football, basketball and many more. These girls are showing the boys that they can be strong too. According to ADM, "girls are also a little more coordinated at these young ages" Girls are more grown up a young ages. Being coordinated is a good skill because they are more attuned and adjusted.

Prior to puberty, females and males should compete with and against each other. In fact, "there are very few physiological differences between boys and girls ages 0-12"(ADM) This shows us that boys and girls, at young ages, aren't that different. That means the they have around the same strength and size. "Girls also hit puberty on average two years before boys they will be slightly taller and stronger than the average boy."(ADM) As you can see,girls at young ages, can be as strong as boys, maybe even stronger.

Some people argue that girls shouldn't play on boys' sports and teams for many reasons. Some say that the boys would go easy on the girl and they would end up losing. Others say that girls are to weak to play on boys sports and teams. This might sound like a good idea until people realize that girls are as strong as boys. For example, Casey Herkleman (a wrestler at her high school) has won dozens of matches against boys. People say that she's lean, quick, and strong. Casey has definitely broken the stereotype that girls shouldn't play on boys' sports and teams

Prior to puberty, girls should be able to play on boys' sports and teams if they have similar skills. Almost everyday girls aren't being treated the right way on boys' teams. The boys' aren't throwing the balls to them and refuse to wrestle them. If there are more girls on boys' teams, then this wouldn't be happening. So if there any girls who want to join a boys' team, do it!