VCR Presentation Lesson 5

Taylor Houston

Fill in the Blank

Although the Serapis was __________________ to the Bonhomme Richard, John Paul Jones led his crew to victory over the British ship during the American Revolution.

About the Word

preponderant (adj.)

  1. superior in number, force, or importance

Other Forms:

  • preponderance (n.)
  • preponderate (v.)

The Roots

PONDERO, PONDERARE (L.) "to weigh'


  • dominant
  • superior
  • powerful


  • inferior
  • beneath
  • weak

Choose the sentence in which the word in bold is used incorrectly

A. The small, preponderant rebellion was quickly dispersed by a few members of the police force.

B. The Native American's army was no mach for the preponderant colonial one, and as a result the Natives were completely wiped out.

C. Voldemort believed in his preponderance over Harry, as he believed that one single boy could not possible destroy him and his loyal army of death eaters.

D. Many conflicts begin due to one groups perceived preponderance over another's.

Th answer is A because if the rebellions had been preponderant then they would have been superior to the police force.

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