The New England Colonies

By Callie Walker and Romy Cour


Our weather in the New England Colonies is very unique. Even though the winters are very cold compared to winters in the Middle and Southern Colonies, we have nice warm summers, but not too hot unlike the other colonies. And think about all the snow you get to play in.
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Do you love to live in the mountains? Or do you like flat land. Well, in the New England Colonies, we have both. If you love flat land, go closer to the coastline, but if you prefer hilly, mountainous land, you'll need to go further inland. But if you were counting on farming for food, this may not be your place. Our soil is generally pretty rocky, but you could always fish or hunt for your food.
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Rhode Island was the first place in the 13 colonies that was diverse.

Catholics, Jews, Baptists, and even Quakers were welcomed, as well as anyone else that wanted to come in Rhode Island. But even though Rhode Island is that way, all the other New England colonies are Puritans. Being a Puritan means following strict rules including: always attending church, no singing or celebrating holidays, and many others. They are intolerant of other religions.

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If you don't like farming for food, but you're okay with fishing you've come to the right place. Our economy here in New England is mostly dependent on the ocean. Here we fish mostly for codfish, but we also whale. Trapping, shipbuilding and logging are also important. If none of this sounds appealing for you, you can have a slave do all your work.
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