August 22, 2021


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We’ve had a few questions regarding our response plan for positive cases and our close contact procedures. Hopefully, this explanation will help answer your questions and provide more specific details and examples. We started the school year with an action plan to share the contact tracing responsibilities with the Tennessee Department of Health (TDH). School personnel have and will continue to identify, notify, and enforce quarantines for Household Contacts of confirmed positive cases. Through this process, we have quarantined over 100 students this school year. If the district verifies a positive case, whether through our own testing or through a self-reported test result, we Household Contract Trace and enforce the Health Department’s required Household Contact Quarantine. For a positive staff member, we both Household Contact Tracing and Close Contact Tracing. Any unvaccinated staff who is deemed a Close Contact to a positive staff member will receive a 10-day Close Contact Quarantine. Any student who is deemed a Close Contact to a positive staff member will receive notification, paired with Health Department recommendations, from the school. All other contact tracing will be provided by the Tennessee Department of Health.

In our COVID action plan, we stated that parents would be notified when there was a cluster or significant uptick of cases. We define a cluster as two or more confirmed positives in the same class. The cases have to overlap (i.e., the second positive has to occur during the 10-day isolation for the first one). We will notify the families of everyone in the class to alert them to the situation, encourage monitoring for symptoms, and provide the option to self-quarantine. We have already notified families in two elementary classrooms under the cluster definition of two or more cases.

We had 32 positive students and 3 positive staff members that impacted our schools this week (from school closing on Friday, August 13, to school closing on Friday, August 20). In other words, these confirmed positive individuals were in our schools within two days of onset of symptoms or two days prior to testing if asymptomatic. The table below provides the student breakdown by school. We currently have 50 active student cases and 5 active staff cases.

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As always, we appreciate your flexibility and understanding as we create plans and respond to expectations from the Health Department and the needs within our school community. We strive to be a responsive school district with commitment, energy, and enthusiasm to provide a safe and healthy learning environment where students can thrive. We continue to prioritize providing the highest quality in-person instruction to our students while mitigating challenges throughout the continued COVID 19 pandemic.
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Keep in mind, this is for NEXT year! All calendars can be viewed here:

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As you may have already heard, 2021 TCAP scores have been released. We are especially proud of the work our students and teachers did to perform so well last spring.

By the end of August, you can expect to receive printed individual scores for students who participated in TCAP testing last school year. We will also be sending out information about using the Tennessee TCAP FAMILY PORTAL, which requires a specific student ID for you to establish an account. More on that next week!

In the TCAP Family Portal, you can:

  • get immediate, on-demand access to your student’s state test results via your phone or computer,
  • track your student’s progress over time with the “Test History” feature;
  • learn the areas where your student demonstrated strengths and the areas where they can grow; and
  • find clear next steps to help your student improve.
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In the past, MHS used a site called Varsity News Network (VNN) to maintain athletic rosters, schedules, news, etc. Beginning now, we are moving athletic team information back to our website. This will be a building process, as information comes available.

Both schools, and the district, are building content to better inform fans and families. Following are some links of interest.

In case you didn't know ... the first HOME GAME for the MHS Varsity Football team is THURSDAY, August 26 (not Friday)!!! GO REBELS!