Upson Lee 7th Grade ELA

Parent Update: Classroom Technology


Hello Parents!!! I hope that you and your student are having a wonderful year so far! I am extremely excited to reveal to you that we are on the cusp of gaining a classroom set of Google Chromebooks for your students to use on their assignments. At this point in time, the educational opportunities are seemingly infinite. I wanted to take a moment to introduce to you some of the technologies that your students will be using.

Applications in the Classroom

Your Students and Technology

As you are well aware your students are already extremely technologically inclined. It is my hope and the hope of the school, that integrating these technologies into the classrooms, as tools in learning, will increase the overall level of interest and engagement of the students toward the content. Now I already have quite a few things in the works dealing with the new technologies, but I wanted to introduce you to a couple so that you, as a parent, feel informed on where our classroom is heading.

The first application I would like to talk to you about is Oovoo (weird name right?). Oovoo is a video chat application that some of you might actually use at work already. We will be using Oovoo in our classroom for collaboration. This means we will be communicating and working on projects with students in other classrooms in our school, as well as other classrooms in our community. As you well know, the employers of tomorrow will be looking for the type of employee that can work well collaboratively in a group with others, and I believe that using this video chat in order to complete a task is a great way to prepare our students for that. Also there is no need to worry about your child's safety with this application- all interactions will be prearranged and supervised, no strangers with be contacted.

The other two applications, Kahoot and Plickers, are simply different forms of assessment. The will allow your students to answer questions in a discrete manner, either by using their own technology (Kahoot!) or by using a teacher provided card. I would like to use these in the classroom either as review strategies or simply as daily formative assessments. That is just a fancy way of saying, that I would like to use the applications as a way to evaluate how well your student is grasping the material on an individual basis, and then give you student feedback on how he or she can improve.

That, I believe, concludes my technological introduction.

Thank you for taking an active role in your child's learning,


Jordan Hale