AVHS Newsletter

October 4, 2020

Message from the Principal- Checking In

Hello Apple Valley Parents and Guardians,

"How are you doing?" Sorry, let me rephrase that... "How are you really doing?" With a middle school son and a nine (going on nineteen) year-old daughter the sequence of these questions is important around my household. Although they are very different people, the typical response to the first question with either one of my kids is uniformly met with one-word responses of, "fine" or "good". However, if I follow up with "How are you really doing?", "Tell me about two wins you had and one worry you had at school today/this week", or "Rate your day 1-10 and tell me one thing that would raise your score", we get down to the real stuff.

With the arrival of the ACT (Tuesday for 12th grade) and Pre-ACT (Wednesday for 11th grade) as well as the first tests/papers/projects that are starting to come in, this is a good time to check-in with your kids to sees what's working, what's not, and how to help them.

Like many of you, I have a Schoology account from Saint Paul Public Schools so I can check my kids' grades. The truth is, I haven't logged in yet. The best strategy to give me peace of mind has been to make my kids show me their grades in Schoology on Sunday and Wednesday nights. "You want to watch a show? Great. Pull up the iPad and show me that your work is done." In a busy household, it's the best we've got, and so far it's working. Nonetheless, we're always open to a better strategy. Successful parenting in a pandemic is a team sport, so please take some time to check-in with your kids this week and let me know what's working for you.

This week’s most important updates and events are listed here and described in detail below:

  • ACT Test (Grade 12) is Tues., October 6; PreACT Test (Grade 11) is Wed., October 7

  • UPDATED: School Calendar for the weeks of Oct. 5 and 12

    • October 9 is now an in-person learning day for students in Cohort B.

    • October 14 is now Parent-Teacher Conferences and not a school day for students.

  • Parent/Teacher Conferences and How to Sign Up for Individual Zoom Conferences

  • Confused about what your student should be doing each day? Watch a four-minute overview video for what to do as a Hybrid Learning or Digital Academy student.

Drew Mons, Principal

ACT Test (Grade 12) is Tuesday, October 6; PreACT Test (Grade 11) is Wednesday, October 7

All Students In Grades 9, 10, and 11 Will Participate in "At-Home" Learning on October 6.

Students in grade 12 will take the ACT test at AVHS on Tuesday, October 6. All other students will have an at-home learning day that day. October 6 is the test date for ALL students in Grade 12; there are not separate testing days for Cohort A, B, or Digital Academy. Students in Grade 12 are automatically registered for the test.

Students in grade 11 will take the Pre-ACT test at AVHS on Wednesday, October 7. Wednesday is not typically an in-person learning day for students; however, buses will run at their regular times on this day for students in grade 11 to arrive at AVHS by 8 am.

On both days, students are free to leave AVHS after they are done with the test. Buses will run at their regular time, and school lunch will be provided for students who are staying at AVHS until the afternoon bus. If your student will want school lunch on October 6 or 7, please fill out the form linked below.

More Information for ACT and PreACT

Please click the button for more information about ACT and PreACT on October 6 and 7, including what students should bring, information about masks/health/safety, busing, and more.

School Lunch Form - Oct. 6 and 7

If your student will stay at AVHS after completing the ACT (grade 12, Oct. 6) or PreACT (grade 11, Oct. 7), please click the button to indicate if they will need school lunch.

UPDATED: School Calendar for the weeks of Oct. 5 and 12

On Monday, September 28, the District 196 School Board will approved changes to the school calendar for the weeks of October 5 and 12.

October 9 is now an in-person learning day for students in Cohort B.

October 14 is now Parent-Teacher Conferences and not a school day for students.

An outline of the two weeks is included below.

Big picture

Parent/Teacher Conferences

Between Wednesday, October 7th and Tuesday, October 13th:
  • Teachers will be engaged in outreach to families of students who are struggling in their classes by phone calls/text messages.

Wednesday, October 14th

  • Teachers and counselors will be available for individual conferencing (8-10 minutes) via Zoom between 7:30 am and 10:30 am.
  • To sign up for a Zoom conference appointment with a teacher, please follow the link below.
  • Times for teacher conferences are limited and assigned on a first-come, first-served basis. If you have brief questions for a teacher, please consider contacting the teacher via e-mail or phone.
View Your Student's Schedule in Infinite Campus

Click here to login to Infinite Campus and see your student's schedule information. This information will be helpful in signing up for conferences.

Sign Up For Parent Teacher Conferences

Click the button to be taken to PTCFast, our appointment scheduling program for parent teacher conferences. Please note that times are limited and assigned on a first-come, first-served basis.

PSAT testing (optional) at AVHS on October 14

High achieving juniors interested in participating in academic achievement scholarships should take the PSAT on Wednesday, Ocotber 14th at AVHS. Taking the PSAT is the first step in entering the scholarship programs conducted by the National Merit Scholarship Corporation. This test is a “trial run” for the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) which is a college entrance exam that many students across the country submit when applying to college. If you have any questions contact Mrs. Gustafson in the counseling office.

The PSAT will be offered at Apple Valley High School on Wednesday, October 14th . The cost of the test is $25. Register online through My Payments Plus from September 23rd – October 7th.

What My Student Should Be Doing...

Below are links to videos with helpful tips for both hybrid and digital academy learners to remind them about how to check-in for attendance, keep up with Schoology, access tech help, and more. Click on the appropriate link for a four minute video.

District 196 Rights & Responsibilities and AVHS Student Handbook

Hybrid learning students viewed a video overview of the District 196 Rights & Responsibilities document at school on Thursday and Friday last week.

Students who were absent on those days as well as students in digital academy should follow the link below to review both the District 196 Rights & Responsibilities document as well as the AVHS Student Handbook. After reviewing the available information, students should complete the form (also found in the link below).

District 196/AVHS Rights & Responsibilities Handbook

Please click the button for a link to important District 196 and AVHS information. Students should complete the form found in the link as soon as possible.

AVHS Tech Help

The technology staff at AVHS created a website for students and parents to connect with them with questions about technology use. Questions about iPads, Schoology, Campus, and more can all be answered by submitting your question to avhstech.help. Reach out through the website (link below) and our staff will be in contact with an answer.
Need Tech Help? Click Here

avhstech.help is a one-stop shop for technology related questions for students, parents, and staff.


Sales of the 2021 Aerie (AVHS Yearbook) are going fast! Please click the link below to order a yearbook.

Please note that the official yearbook vendor of AVHS for 2021 is Jostens. An e-mail was mistakenly sent home to parents by Lifetouch indicating they could order a yearbook through Lifetouch. While Lifetouch is the official school picture vendor of AVHS, they are NOT our yearbook vendor. We apologize for the confusion.

Health and Safety at Apple Valley

COVID Decision Tree for Students

Please click on the button to review the District 196 decision tree for students and families to follow if they are feeling sick or have been in close contact with someone showing symptoms of COVID-19.

Attendance Guide for Parents and Families

Please click on the button to read important information about attendance for students and parents.

What To Do While You Wait For A COVID-19 Test Result

Please click on the button to read important information from the Minnesota Department of Health.

If You've Had Close Contact With A Person With COVID-19

Please click on the button to read important information from the Minnesota Department of Health.

Food Service and Free & Reduced Price Meals

Information for menus, meal and a la carte pricing may be accessed at the link provided below. Your family may qualify for free or reduced price school meals. All students approved will receive school meals at no cost which includes breakfast and lunch. This program also waives cocurricular activity fees for the student. You are encouraged to apply with the link below.

Please note: Families must apply for Free & Reduced Price Lunch qualification every year.

Free meals extended for District 196 students this fall

The U.S. Department of Agriculture has announced a short-term extension to its free meals program and will provide school meals at no cost to all students. The program will last until funding runs out. We will announce when the program ends.

Click Here for Free/Reduced Lunch Program Application

The application can be filled out online through PayPAMS, the district's food service accounting system. Please note a new application must be filled out every year.

Click Here to Order Meals for Distance Learning Days

Opt-in your student(s) for take-home meals that will support them during their distance learning days. Meals will be distributed before the release of your student at the end of the in-person learning day.

Click Here for 5-Day Meal Kits for Digital Academy

Opt-in your student(s) for five-day meal kits (five breakfasts and five lunches) to support them during the 196 Digital Academy. The five-day meal kits will be distributed Wednesdays from 10-11 a.m. at AVHS

Infinite Campus/Schoology/MyPaymentsPlus/PayPAMS

District 196 uses several systems to organize and share information with students and families.

Students and families new to District 196:

  • Login Information will be sent via email from Apple Valley High School in mid-August.
  • For MyPaymentsPlus and PayPAMS registration, please select "Minnesota" for the state and "Rosemount-Apple Valley-Eagan-ISD196" for the School District name.

Students and families continuing in District 196:

  • Continue using existing login credentials for Campus and Schoology
  • Families will need to create new login credentials for MyPaymentsPlus and PayPAMS. Please select "Minnesota" for the state and "Rosemount-Apple Valley-Eagan-ISD196" for the School District name.

Text/Email Communication/Announcements

Apple Valley High School uses the e-mail addresses on file through Campus Parent Portal to send e-mail communications and announcements. If needed, you may update your email for your Campus Parent Portal account.

You may also opt in to Apple Valley High School Text Messages by texting "Y" to 675-87.