MCHS Newsletter

August, 2022


All Court dates, Doctor/Dentist appointments, College Visits, Job Shadowing, etc., will be considered UNEXCUSED until documentation is received confirming the student’s attendance at their appointment. All absences for illness more than three (3) consecutive days will require a doctor's note to be considered excused. Students are allowed ten (10) days of excused absences, which include Mental Health Days, College Visits, Job Shadowing, Vacation Days, and illness. Please refer to pages 29-32 of the Parent Student Handbook 2022-2023 for further information. Contact Mr. Byrne, Dean of Students, with questions at 815-568-6511 ext. 1341.


Class of 2023 High Honor Roll

Gianna Almeida, Michaela Almeida, Wyatt Bergbreiter, Jason Bloom, Alexandra Brackmann, Jordan Brogdon, Trevor Bruski, Wesley Cederlund, Madeline Christopher, Grace Durkin, Jessica Elqunni, Richmond Fredrickson, Hayden Gieseke, Chloe Gochis, Lily Goode, Noelle Haas, Carter Heimsoth, Addie Johnson, Nathan Kagan, Sydney Koplin, Caitlyn Kunzer, Joseph Leibrandt, Mallory Lesher, Mia Lulinski, Jessica Minogue, Devin Moehrlin, Tzitlali Montes, Kyle Northcutt, Samantha Plaza, Araceli Popoca Leuth, Aspen Rado, Valeria Rivera, Aleah Sauder, Patrick Signore, Jonathan Snelgrove, Allisha Spiegel Merrigan, Omar Timoumi, Amanda Trotz, Cheyenne Welker, Zoe Whetham, and Grace Wzientek

Class of 2023 Honor Roll

Meredith Angelo, Abigail Burman, Leeanna Crowe, Ella Davis, Elizabeth Dominguez, Aubrie Ettner, Nathan Evans, Bianai Gonzalez Prado, George Hasselmann, Royal Hazlerig, Jose Herrera Herrera, Joshua Holst, Hayden Johnson, Luke Kacprowicz, Kayla Klaassens, Zanfina Ljumani, Aidan MacKenzie, Cassandra Martin, Samantha Murray, Kurt Nordmeyer, Cadence Pedroza, Emily Pedroza, Vanessa Perez, Chloee Reichenbach, Christopher Ruiz, Evelyn Ruiz, Ryan Seemann, Kalee Skow, Hunter Smith, Eduardo Solis, Wendy Villalpando Gomez, and Nicholas Walter

Class of 2024 High Honor Roll

Elizabeth Adams, Sydney Andrews, Grant Aubry, Leo Bankel, Rune Boyd, Miya Castillo, Morgan Cetera, Mahala Englehart, Alejandro Gerardo, Lilli Ghastin, Amanda Harris, Cohen Jeffries, Ava Kanaly, Anna Kunzer, Christopher Kunzer, Mia Kuzelka, Cadence Leucht, Emma Leucht, Dylan Locke, Jenny Loyo, Madalyn Mardock, Paola Montes, Jhonatan Morejon Cortez, David Munoz, Hir Patel, Marcus Ray, Alondra Saldana Padilla, Caden Sauder, Eldarion Sobusiak, Cody Stallings, Zoey Vallee, Carson Van Winkle, Noe Villasano, Tess Volkers, Emily White, and Marissa Young

Class of 2024 Honor Roll

Elizabeth Adams, Sydney Andrews, Grant Aubry, Leo Bankel, Rune Boyd, Miya Castillo, Morgan Cetera, Mahala Englehart, Alejandro Gerardo, Lilli Ghastin, Amanda Harris, Cohen Jeffries, Ava Kanaly, Anna Kunzer, Christopher Kunzer, Mia Kuzelka, Cadence Leucht, Emma Leucht, and Dylan Locke

Class of 2025 High Honor Roll

Gaia Barnhurst, Alten Bergbreiter, Josephine Christiansen, Lydia Cieslak, Nikole Czepczynski, Theo Davis, Sean Ettner, Mia Feidt, Dolton Fredrickson, Wiatt Gelly, Madelyn Gieseke, Gabrielle Gieseke, Brooke Glander, Morgan Grindle, Rainer Halbmaier, Evan Halfacre, Alixandra Hartmann, Colin Heinz, Pablo Herrera, Kylee Jensen, Daniel Kazmer, Quinn Lechner, Wayne Leiseberg, Ryan McKee, Carly Musschoot, Jillyan Ortega, Hunter Pankow, Emilie Polizzi, Aidan Pollnow, Alyssa Pollnow, Brock Riebock, Ian Sackis, Addison Sanchez, Lawson Schmidt, Taylor Schumann, Autumn Shacklee, Ryan Shaver, Sydnee Slavin, Devin Storti, Vivian Szostak, Madalyn Tjaden, Kayla Torres, Rochelle Tremmel, Huberto Villagran, Christopher Villalon Zamora, Joyce Watters, and Justin Zarate

Class of 2025 Honor Roll

Kayla Bauman, Jacob Bergbreiter, Julia Cieslak, Sara Czepczynski, Noah DePew, Sedona DeRose, Brooke Dreher, Payton Hamblen, Morgan Hasa, Jasmine Hazlerig, Mikayla Heldt, Jacob Kagan, Nicholas Koziol, Fernanda Lopez, Efrain Magallanes, Gabriella Magrini, Fatima Pina, Mackenzie Plaza, Katie Polizzi, Allison Raether, Kaylee Sierpien, Amelia Splinter, Amirah Timoumi, Lillith Townshend, Samantha Tuohey, Joey Vroman, and Helenna Zont


We wish to thank CORA Physical Therapy, who donated 24 backpacks to Marengo Community High School to distribute to students in need.

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ISBE recognized MCHS’ Entrepreneurship Enterprise class in their July 2022 Career & Technical Education Newsletter, where the following article appeared.

Program Spotlight

School counselor Natasha Schultz nominated Marengo CHSD 154’s Virtual Enterprise International (VEI) program. She wrote, “Entrepreneurship Enterprise class is part of the business program at Marengo High School District 154. This course was developed by Chad Olson utilizing VEI and in partnership with the local community college, McHenry County College. Students are able to earn high school credit and college credit upon course completion. Even though the program is only four years old, a team made up of Bryden Steele, Ty Sierpien, and Preston Bailey earned the privilege to compete at the national level in multiple competitions -- most notably Quickbooks -- at the National Youth Summit, where these seniors placed first in the nation.”

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Seniors - Welcome back to your final year at MCHS! No matter what you plan to do after graduation, your counselor can provide assistance.

Here are some upcoming events:

· ASVAB test is September 7th. This test is more career focused and can provide a wide range of career options in the military or civilian life. We recommend students take this free test if they are unsure of what to do after high school. Sign up information on the bulletin board.

· SAT with essay is October 12th. This optional test (for seniors) is administered on a school day to allow a student to retake the test at MCHS. The fee is $55 and must be paid to reserve a seat. Scan the QR code to sign up.

· Senior meetings will begin August 29th. The one-on-one meeting with the senior and counselor will review graduation requirements, senior schedule, and postsecondary plans. A summary letter will be emailed to parents and will include a link to a wide variety of information about apprenticeship, college and more.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact your counselor!

Juniors - Welcome back! The junior year can be challenging but you can do it!

· One big part of the year is taking the PSAT/NMSQT in October and the SAT in April. If you are interested in test prep for the PSAT/NMSQT - reach out to your counselor.

· ASVAB test is September 7th. This test is more career focused and can provide a wide range of career options in the military or civilian life. We recommend students take this free test if they are unsure of what to do after high school. Sign up information is on the bulletin board.

· This is a time to participate in college visits, check out apprenticeship programs or improve your interview skills. MCC is hosting a college fair on October 4th. McHenry High School hosts a Manufacturing Showcase to increase awareness of employers and programs in our area.

Sophomores and Freshmen - The journey is beginning! Reach out to your counselor if you have questions about classes, careers, or mental health. We are here to support you and encourage your success in high school.

Every one - schedule changes may only be made in the first 5 days of the semester. They are only allowed due to computer errors, level changes or adding/dropping a study hall/ elective. Contact your counselor right away if you have questions.

Ms. Schultz, Director of Guidance, Counselor Q-Z

Mrs. Olson, Counselor A-G

Mr. Rode, Counselor H-P

Mrs. Gorter, Registrar

Mrs. Joyce, Social Worker

Mrs. Kane, School Psychologist


We are excited to announce Dwain Nance has been appointed as the new Athletic Director. Mr. Nance has been teaching mathematics at MCHS since 2006 and will continue to teach three periods. He is currently our head softball coach and has coached in the bowling and football programs. We are very fortunate to have Lisa Ackley, administrative assistant, in the athletic office. She is going into her sixth year assisting the athletic department. Mr. Nance can be reached at (815) 568 - 6511 ext. 1612 or Mrs. Ackley can be reached at (815) 568 - 6511 ext. 1602 or

Fall sports are off to a great start and we are looking forward to the competitions to begin. We would like to highlight a few key dates this fall:

August 18th: Tennis home opener on our brand new tennis court

September 6th: KRC Preview Cross Country Meet at Indian Oaks Park

September 21st: KRC Boys Golf Meet at Blackstone Golf Course

September 22nd: KRC Girls Golf Meet at Blackstone Golf Course

September 23rd: First National Challenge Football Game and Parade of Athletes at Harvard

September 30th: Homecoming Football game

October 4th: Soccer under the Lights

October 15th: KRC Cross Country Meet at Indian Oaks Park

October 19th: Volley for the Cure

You will find ALL updated sports schedules on the 8 to 18 website:

Parents… We are looking for parents to join the booster club. They meet on the second Tuesdays of each month at 6:30 p.m. in the MCHS commons. Next meeting is on September 13th. We are looking for parents to help with concessions, apparel sales, First National Bank Challenge and other booster events. This group has been able to support all the sports programs at MCHS.


On behalf of the MCHS Booster Club we would like to welcome you to a year full of exciting high school athletics. We believe that athletics help promote personal growth, teamwork, pride, and commitment. The main purpose of the MCHS Booster Club is to support the athletic program with our time, talents, and money.

With the new school year starting we are hoping to promote a renewed interest in school spirit. As a parent of an MCHS student, you are invited to join us at the MCHS Booster Club meetings. We organize and run a variety of fundraising projects that directly benefit the athletic program.

We welcome you and your fundraising ideas and new ways to help promote school spirit and help support the MCHS athletic program. We have a variety of different events you may choose from to donate your time and talent.

Our next meeting will be held in the commons area near the gym on Tuesday, September 13th at 6:30 p.m. We are always looking for new volunteers and new ideas. Please join us! Any parent volunteering to work the concessions for volleyball, football, or basketball will have their name entered into a drawing. The winner will receive a Family All-Sports Pass and a $50 Booster Concession gift certificate for the 2023-2024 school year.

Upcoming Events - Volunteers Needed

Concessions – Football, Volleyball, Basketball

50/50 Raffle & Clothing Sales - All Home Football Games

Thank you for your support.

MCHS Booster Club Officer

Deb Pfeiffer, President