WWT SMACKDOWN: T-Cell vs Bacteria

Sincerely Thomas the Thymus

T-Cell vs Bacteria

Ages 14 and below only. In this lifetime long event, the killer T-Cell also known as T lymphocyte, will be fighting against the infamous bacteria cell.


Thursday, April 23rd, 8am-3pm

Chester Springs, PA, United States

Chester Springs, PA

Meet the coach, Thy Mus

Thy has spent his life maturing the T-cells for the fight. At his age, 14, Thy has begun to decline in health, so that is the reason for his retirement, but we will always remember him through all of the fighters he has trained!


The rivalry between the T-cells and bacteria has gone on long enough! The two contenders have agreed to duke it out within your body! Coach of the T-cells! Thy Mus, has been prepping the T-cells for 14 years, growing them and sending them throughout the body. After this fight, Coach Thy Mus has decided to go into retirement saying that he has done all he can to prepare the T-cells.