The Sky's The Limit

March 28, 2016

Facultly & Staff Bulletin - Montgomery City Elementary

Together we will guide, encourage, and challenge

our children to become life-long learners.

MCE’s PBIS Principles:

Be Kind! Be Safe! Be Cooperative! Be Respectful! Be Responsible!

End of Year PDP is DUE Tuesday, March 29th

Sheri Betke will be out on Tuesday - She will reschedule her classes with you later.

Asst. Principal Interview on Thursday

Chris Parker, Amy Davis, Becky Lavy, Kayla Hart, a MS teacher, and either Mr. Gray or Dr. Bell-Freeman will be here on Thursday to help with the interviews for the new assistant principal. We will be interviewing in the data room all day.

The Big Fresh March 26, 2016 The Mighty Minute

Brenda Power

Good things, when short, are twice as good.

Baltasar Gracian y Morales

“I can do almost anything if it’s only for one minute.” My friend Darla was talking about abdominal crunches, and whenever I have to push through those or something similarly painful at the gym, I remember her words.

I can put up with almost anything for one minute, and when I’m doing something timed and difficult, I’m often amazed at how much effort can be packed into 60 seconds. One minute can change the tone of any classroom or meeting.

For the past few years, teachers have been using this principle with quick brain and body breaks with students to refocus, reconnect, and lift the mood in the classroom. Here are my three favorite uses of the mighty minute. Not surprisingly, none of them involve abdominal crunches.

You can tidy a lot in 60 seconds. The best quick tidy habit at home? According to Gretchen Rubin of the Happiness Project, it’s making your bed. Starting each day with that little bit of order ensures a tidy end. Every classroom can have a “make the bed” minute baked into the beginning or end of the day for ordering supplies, desks, tables, and displays.

A one-minute stretch does wonders for mental clarity and well-being. “Sitting is the new smoking” according to health professionals in terms of shortening life spans. There are all kinds of apps like Stretch Clock ( with built-in timers to get you and your students up and moving at regular intervals.

Finally, a minute of silence feels a whole lot longer than it is, and nothing calms a community down more quickly. In professional development sessions a minute of quick writing or silent reading often isn’t really about the reading or writing – it’s there to get teachers out of whatever is distracting them, and into the here and now.

This week we offer our annual spring break edition of the newsletter, highlighting subscribers' favorite ten features from the past year (in no particular order). I'm so grateful to you for taking a mighty minute (or two or ten) to read the newsletter each week. Here's to daffodils and sunshine. Happy spring!

Brenda Power

Founder, Choice Literacy

Check-in with your Accountability Partner

On Monday you met with a partner and discussed 2 goals to push you to the end of the year. Check in with your partner to share what you are doing to move toward your goal.

Deadline for summer learning project - Have your information to Laura/Amy by April 1st. We will discuss them at our PLC GLM.

Important Reminders:

1. We will host Kindergarten Screening on Friday, April 22nd. It has been decided to host screening before school is out, so we may plan better for the number of kindergarten students we will have next year.

2. Everyone is to be in the building from all recesses by 3:15 pm. We must be able to reach all teachers in the classrooms at the end of the day.

3. Everyone must sign out in the office before you leave the building during the day. This is necessary to keep everyone safe. We must know who is/is not in the building in case of emergencies.

4. We must have professional integrity - our contracted hours are:

Certified Staff: 7:30 am - 4:15 pm

Non-Certified Staff: 7:15 am-4:15 am or 7:30 am - 4:30 pm

(depending on your assignment)

If you need to leave early, you must have this approved and sign out. We often have parents calling, and the office needs to be able to reach you in the building.

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April 11th - Jamie Epple & April 19th - Catie Monzyk

Field Trip Forms - Available online now!

Click here to access the online bus request form.

1. You will need to download and save the blank form.

2. Open in the saved location and fill out.

3. Save the completed form.

4. Email form to Diane. She will check and approve the date is available on the calendar.

5. Diane will forward the form to me for approval. I will then forward it to Adam for final approval and bus assignment.

6. Adam will let you know when your bus has been approved.

7. You need to check with the kitchen to make arrangements for lunch.

High Expectations: Students Learn to Rise to the Occasion

Through a focus on teamwork, individualized instruction, and ongoing assessment, this K-6 school is improving the achievement of minority and low-income students. Read the article.
High Expectations: Students Learn to Rise to the Occasion

The Power of High Expectations: Closing the Gap in Your Classroom

The Power of High Expectations: Closing the Gap in Your Classroom. Be ready to discuss this article at our April PLC grade level meetings.