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What BAISD teachers need to know today (Oct. 2018)

We have an ISD Early Literacy Coach?

Happy October teachers!

My name is Alexandria Hill, Early Literacy Coach for the Bay-Arenac ISD. Our instructional services department has done some remodeling since the last school year and we are gearing up to continue to provide increasing support services to teachers and schools.

Personally, I am coming into this role with classroom teaching experience in second and third grades, as well as intervention teacher experience in K-5 reading and math. I have worked for the Flint Community Schools, Bangor Township Schools, and Freeland Community Schools. Like so many of you, I landed in education because of an incredible passion to do what is best for children. This passion drives me at work and in my home life. We are a young and busy family, with four children ages 5 and under (two biological children and two foster children).

In my new role, my position is entirely dedicated to supporting teachers in the area of early literacy, specifically connected to the Essential Instructional Practices in Early Literacy. Although my support will be focused specifically on one elementary building per local district this year, I am building my schedule in an intentional fashion that will allow me to carve out time for whatever support is needed. Simply reach out!

Support options might include any of the following:

-Large group or small group professional learning sessions

-Book studies

-One-on-one coaching (teacher determined goal)


-Co-planning instruction

-Modeling lessons

-Observing lessons (providing feedback)

-Assessment literacy

-and more!

Feel free to check out the ISD literacy site to see what resources and support we can offer you as an ISD. I am excited to get to work with so many of you as this role is continually improved and developed to make a significant impact on student achievement and the instruction that drives it in the schools of the Bay-Arenac ISD.

Literacy Leaders Generate and Share Great Ideas

Essential Instructional Practices in Early Literacy, K-3

Have you spent time as a district diving into the Essential Instructional Practices in Early Literacy, K-3? As I visit schools in our local ISD, I am finding that our exposure, experiences, and knowledge base is incredibly varied. Some of us have gone to a four day intensive, completed the online modules on our own or with teams, and participated in coaching cycles and other professional development aligned to the essential practices document. For others, this is a completely new document full of new information.

So, where do we start? Let's start by digging deeper into the PURPOSE statement from the document. Know that "the focus of the document is on classroom practices" (emphasis added). What these essential practices articulate is solid tier 1 instruction and it comes down to the instruction of experts in each classroom. The power lies with you as classroom teachers to bring these practices into "every classroom every day".

Peruse the linked website and reach out to the literacy leaders in your building and district when you are ready to tackle more. Additionally, the ISD has supports to offer through the Early Literacy Coach, as well as consulting services. I am thrilled to work alongside our locals at bringing these best practices to every child in every classroom in the Bay-Arenac ISD.