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New Emerson School • May, 2022 • Issue 9

Playground Update:

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The Orchard Mesa Community STEAM Playground project at New Emerson is in the final stages. It is set to be installed this summer June 27-July 2.

Thanks to YOU ALL, we have raised $10,000 of the $22,000 we need to finish the project. You can read the Playground Meeting Minutes below for all the details on what remains to be completed.

If you or your business can make a tax-deductible donation for this project, we would appreciate it so much. Please look at our sponsorship opportunities packet here:

We are also looking for families to help us with the playground prep work to dismantle and clean the current area to get it ready for the installation of the new pieces. We will need help on the following days:

Saturday and Sunday, May 21 and May 22 — 7am.-1pm

Saturday and Sunday, May 28 and May 29 — 7am-1pm

Saturday and Sunday, June 4 and June 5 — 7am-1pm

Saturday and Sunday, June 11 and June 12 — 7am-1pm

You can sign-up to help here:

A Few Words with Ms. Terry

Dear New Emerson Families:

It’s hard to believe how quickly the school year is coming to an end. Just 10 short months ago we started our learning journey together and here we are with a few remaining weeks left! The last month of school is always a busy one. Please take note of the important dates section of the newsletter.

First, we begin the month of May with Staff Appreciation Week beginning on May 2nd and ending on May 6th. I would like to thank the New Emerson staff for their hard work and dedication. I am truly fortunate to work with such a professional and caring group of people. Please take time to thank your child’s teacher (s) and staff. They deserve it!

Second, we are excited to present the first annual Steamposium and Cake Decorating Competition on May 5 at 6 p.m. It will be an evening of science, technology, engineering, math, and art. Come and see the amazing cakes that will be judged and auctioned off to raise money for the Orchard Mesa and New Emerson Community Playground.

Also, don’t forget to sign up to attend your child’s student-led conference (SLC). This is the final conference of the year. SLCs present opportunities for all New Emerson learners to prepare, reflect on and discuss evidence of their learning and growth by way of student portfolios, data notebooks, and a body of evidence. They also encourage students to take responsibility and ownership for their learning by involving them in the goal-setting and assessment process.

Finally, we will close our school year with the fifth grade graduation celebration on the last day of school. The yearly celebration will begin at 1 p.m. outside. I look forward to listening to all of our fifth-grade learners present their speeches. It’s always exciting to see our fifth graders make their transition to middle school.

And lastly, to our fifth grade parents, please remember we will always be interested in your child’s destiny and what they may become and accomplish as they move forward to middle school. We hope you all will join us in the fall for our first annual "Parents Night at the Museum" on Friday, September 30, 2022, from 7-9 p.m. where we will be celebrating our current and alumni students' many accomplishments. It will be a "drinks and desserts" mixer event for former and current New Emerson parents.

Thank you for all of your support this year.

I look forward to seeing you in August. Have a safe and fun summer.


Ms. Terry

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Fifth Grade Teacher Jessie Wilbert & New Emerson School Honored at District Foundation Gala Event

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New Emerson fifth grade teacher Jessie Wilbert was recognized as an outstanding teacher for the district at the D51 Foundation White Iced Gala event last weekend. New Emerson School was also recognized for outstanding growth in math last year.

It's School Staff Appreciation Week

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New Emerson Fifth Grader Awarded Crystal Baton by GJ Symphony

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A New Emerson fifth grader was honored at the GJ Symphony this last weekend. His original music composition was selected as part of a young composing artist competition sponsored by the organization. His music was performed by the symphony and he was awarded a crystal baton. You can listen to a sample of the composition below. Way to go, Perry!
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First Annual Steamposium Event this Thursday, May 5 at 6pm

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Cake Decorating Contest Entries Due in School Gym by 4:15 p.m. this Thursday

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The Counselor's Desk

Hello Parents,

April was child abuse prevention month. The elementary counselors in D51 presented lessons about personal safety in all of the classrooms in April. The learners at New Emerson participated in age-appropriate lessons about personal safety. They were encouraged to talk to a trusted adult if they do not feel safe.

On April 21, a counselor from Redlands Middle School came to talk to the fifth grade learners about what to expect in middle school. Her visit was timely — just before the fifth graders went to visit their prospective middle schools on orientation day. It is a sad and exciting time for the fifth graders as they say goodbye to their elementary school years and look forward to all that is ahead for them in middle school. Best wishes to all of our fifth graders!

Ms. Jessie and I will have an end-of-year peer mediation celebration with the fifth graders on May 9. A pizza lunch will be provided for them that day. They will need to bring their own drink and a side (just for themselves) if they want more than just pizza for lunch. The fifth graders did a great job helping younger students solve conflicts on the playground this year.

The fourth graders will have a final session of Couragion on May 2. They will be able to access Couragion (through Classlink) at home through the end of July if they would like to complete more quests this summer. They have learned about a lot of STEM careers this year using Couragion.

I will be doing a class lesson about respecting differences in May with the first and second-grade learners. They will be considering the many different ways that people are alike and different, and the importance of appreciating differences and showing respect even if you don’t agree with someone.

I hope you and your children have a great end of the school year and a safe and fun summer break!

Leslie Atchison

New Emerson School Counselor

Enrichment News with Ms. Christena

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(Above) Second Grade Enrichment Project (Below) Third Grade, Fourth Grade and Fifth Grade projects.

2nd grade- We wrote about ourselves but everything had to be a lie! Then we wrote a fable called, The First Lie Ever Told. Using a Vocabulary worksheet, we jotted down unfamiliar words in the books we read. Then we defined them or looked up the definition. We read Midnight Fox by Betsy Boyars. We wrote adjectives about the fox around a poster of a fox. We discussed that every time we make a choice we leave out other choices. What would the main character miss if he went to the farm? What would he miss if he stayed home? Next, we read Day of the Blizzard, historical fiction about the true famous Blizzard of 1888 in NYC. We noticed how differently priced clothing was then. Most folks heated their homes using coal. Ask your second-grade student, "What is a stir about? A half-dime?"

In Creativity Class, we compared and contrasted cardinals with eagles. We came up with unusual ideas to get a hippopotamus out of a bathtub. We added Zentangles to our symmetrical painting.

In math, we worked on price-per-yard and elapsed time story problems and continued answering questions about graphs.

3rd grade- After reading a story about Anansi, we reviewed sequencing, and we listed the top 10 reasons to tell the truth. As we read Brian’s Winter, we listed 8-character traits of the main character, using a Detail Map. We also reviewed verb tenses and compared our point of view with the author’s point of view. We refined our sense of how others perceive us by guessing what the key players in our life might say about us if asked.

In math, we used deductive reasoning to figure out who plays what position and on what team. We only had 3 clues. We solved Problems of the Week and solved analogy problems that used rotating figures. Using money, minutes, and volume, we solved some real-life problems.

4th grade- In math, we used deductive reasoning to figure out who plays what position and on what team. We only had three clues. We solved Problems of the Week and solved analogy problems that used rotating figures. Using money, minutes, and volume, we solved some real-life problems. We learned how to solve Ken Kens.

Fourth Grade Book Club read Fearless, based on a true historical person and event. One student volunteered to research him- Henry Winstanley (pictured below) and share the information with us so that we could better appreciate the novel. To prepare for NWEA, we practiced fragmented sentences. We read Al Capone does my Shirts. We wrote at least 4-5-character traits for each of the 5 main characters.

5th grade- We practiced finding the greatest common factors of numbers, and the least common factors. We converted grams to milligrams, and kilograms. We added, subtracted, and multiplied decimals. Using abstract art, we figured out what fraction of a painting was a certain color. We then figured out Brownie Pan Fractions. We completed Pascal’s Triangles. We added unlike fractions and multiplied double-digit numbers using at least two methods. We solved real-life story problems and Problems of the Week. Finally, we multiplied whole numbers by fractions.

In Book Club, we finished Roll of Thunder, Hear my Cry, and completed a variety of projects, such as tar and feathering, how they built wagons, and Winchester rifles. We read the Autobiography of Helen Keller and experienced what it would be like to be both blind and deaf by holding on to a rope, with our eyes blindfolded and our ears plugged. We walked outside and upstairs back into the school. We deciphered braille messages and wrote some for each other. Next, we read Chu Ju’s House and learned what it would be like to be born a female 100 years ago in China.

To prepare for NWEA, we reviewed idioms, comparing and contrasting, cause and effect, and prefixes and suffixes.

Senior Graduates Parade at 9am on May 10th

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Thank you so much from the Office!

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We appreciate all the flowers and love you extended to us both last week for Administrative Professionals Day. Thank you so very much! Love, Ms. Tina & Ms. Roxie
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Congrats to our Two Calendar Contest Art Finalists!

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Here's a shoutout for New Emerson second grader Maya and third grader Tynlee. These girls were both finalists in the Bank of Colorado's annual Calendar Art Contest. Maya's bunny art piece was selected to be featured in the upcoming calendar as well. Congrats to both of these students and their families!

Just Say No to Drugs!

Drug Awareness Helicopter Visit - April 27, 2022
New Emerson had a wonderful surprise last Wednesday. Visitors from the National Guard, GJ Police, and GJ Fire Department were on hand to support a visit from the DEA with a message about good and bad drugs. Learners received a red ribbon commemorating Red Ribbon Week.

New Emerson Lego Teams Participate in D51 Lego Competition

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Thank you to parent volunteers Hannah Bibler, Jayelle Dolan, and Suzanne Goforth for sponsoring two New Emerson lego league teams at the D51 Lego League event this last month.
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First Graders finished their PBL unit on Protecting Outdoor Areas last month. They presented their solutions to a variety of community panelists (See photo above). You can also watch the creative commercials they filmed and included in presentations to community panel members. Way to go, First Grade!

Will, Lucy, Ariana & Maddie

Crystal, Chesley, Addison & Elias

Alice, Ezra, Cora & Trey

Brantley, Noah, Avyanna & Ayla

Fourth graders are finishing up their PBL work in the next two weeks. They are finding solutions for the problem of how to monitor the new playground's use outside of school hours — a request from one of the playground project's key grant funders -- The Colorado Health Foundation. Fourth graders began their PBL unit by visiting with Ranger Sam Heiniritz at the Colorado Monument (below). They have also heard from three other outdoor experts in the last month to help the kids come up with their own solutions for New Emerson's new playground. (Also Below). The fourth graders will present to a panel of community experts on May 12.

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Lions Club Carnival Art Show Winners

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