Keenan Media Center Updates

2015 Winter Edition

"Christmas Wishes" by Frankie Adkins (adapted by Brenda L Boyd)

'Twas the month of December, and all through the school

The kids were excited; the teachers were too.

The sun, it was shining at Keenan High School,

When from the media center there came a loud cry!

"Oh, goodness! Oh gracious! Oh what shall we do?

We have just too many books overdue!"

We've sent out the notices to no avail.

What do you suppose has caused us to fail?

The semester is ending, the holidays neigh.

Why, St. Nicholas soon will fly through the sky!

We have an idea - What more can we do?

We'll make an announcement to say, "Please won't you

Bring your book back today, or as soon as you can,

So we can get on with our holiday plan?"

Look under your bed. Check in your locker.

Maybe you'll find a book. Won't that be a shocker!

And all of the books will come back like they should.

That's the end of this poem. (Don't you think it's quite good?)
So bring us a present, but not one you bought.

Your overdue book is the one that your ought.

Then go sing some carols and deck all your halls,

"Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays! Have a Cool Yule you all!"


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Meet Our Media Center Helpers

We are so happy to have them!

Repair Desk (Previously Known as the Circulation Desk)

All we want for Christmas is for all these laptops to go away!

Technology Student of the Month

Thank you Michael for helping the onsite tech find the solution to a problem with AR.
Brenda L Boyd, School Librarian

Pamela D James, Media Assistant

Alvin D Pressley, Principal

Zebulun Dinkins, Technology Educator

Marcus Q Adams, Onsite Technician