Flint Area Reading Council Event

Great Lakes Great Books

Great Lakes Great Books promotion

Welcome back to Flint Area Reading Council fall event.

Great Lakes Great Books is an event to introduce books to teachers and parents that are appropriate for various grade levels. FARC Board members will be presenting some of the books and the program. You will receive a book from your grade level to share with your class or child!

Great Lakes Great Books

Wednesday, Oct. 21st, 4:30-6pm

Erwin L. Davis Building, 2413 West Maple Avenue, Flint, MI 48507

This event will take place in room 102 AB

How do I register?

The event is free, however, you must be a member of the Flint Area Reading Council to participate. Membership information will be available at the event or contact Dr. Mary Howell prior to the event. Registration will close on September 30.

For questions, cancellations, or more information contact Dr. Mary Howell 810-591-4487 or email mhowell@geneseeisd.org.

To sign up for the event, https://gisd.catalog.instructure.com/browse/oel/la/courses/farc-1