Cars that run on Biodiesel

by Madison Jones

What did I chose??

I choose biodiesel as my fuel source, because one you won't have to do a lot of modifying to the car engine, saving you a ton of money. Biodiesel is a non-toxic substance, it doesn't emit as many harmful substances as regular gasoline.

How does bio-diesel work??

Biodiesel only works in vehicles with diesel engines, where it can work as both a mixture of diesel and bio-diesel or as pure biodiesel. Unlike running a vehicle on pure vegetable oil, bio-diesel requires no engine conversion, and if the consumer does not like the biodiesel, he/she can easily switch back to diesel without having to make any changes to his/her vehicle. How it works with the diesel is, there are different types of biodiesel. Bio5-Bio20 are the only kinds of biodiesel that will work in the cars. The only difference in the Biodiesel, is how it reacts/runs your car.

Pros and Cons of using Bio-diesel

First lets start with some of the Pros:

1. It is a non-toxic substance, for starters meaning it won't produce the harmful chemicals like regular gasoline does.

2. Bio-diesel is also biodegradable, which means it can break down on it's own

3. It's quick, easy, and safe to transport when you you have to move it

4. When you start using it you don't have to make any major changes to your car, so if you don't like using bio-diesel, then you can switch to regular gasoline

Now onto some of the Cons:

1. Bio-diesel doesn't hold as much power as regular gasoline does

2. If you don't drive your car often then, you would start to have your car filters clogging up. The reason for that is, when bio-diesel sits, it gets thicker making it not move as easy

3. Depending on if you live, will depend on if you have stations that have biodiesel. In North Carolina, you would have to live in Durham or Asheville.

4. With certain cars, you may have problems with it working with the bio-diesel. Bio-diesel works with 2009 Dodge Ram 2500, 2009 Ford Super Duty, GM Chevrolet Silverado, and a Touare. Those are cars that it will certainly work with.

Here is my designs for my car

Front View

Big image

Design Explanation

Why I chose to do this design was basically, it was the easiest for me to draw. I can't really build a car out of things I don't have. I can't really draw but I think my car came out pretty good. The design of the car is actually a GM Chevrolet Silverado. Which is one of the few known cars that can take bio-diesel with little adjustment, if any at all. Plus many people like that type of car so, what would the difference be if it was on Bio-diesel, instead of gas.


Here is the speed and the acceleration for my problem:

My speed was 65 mph. I took 130 miles and divided it by 2 hours, that's how I got 65 mph.

My acceleration was -15 mps. I took 20 mph then subtracted it by 65 mp. Then took the -45 and divided it by 3 seconds. That's how I got -15 mps squared.

The reason the acceleration is negative is, you had to slow down making your speed drop from 65 to 20.

Speed Graph

Big image

Now you know a little more about Bio-diesel, so will you change to Bio-diesel?? The choice is yours to make :)

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