South Korea

Kylie Gall

Capital of South Korea

The capital city is Seoul.


48,955,203 is how many people live in South Korea as of 2014.

Physical features of South Korea

  • Physical features are Sonrak National Park people say it is the most beautiful.
  • Mt. Halle is the tallest mountain.
  • Beaches are the best place people like to go.
  • Peninsula is where people like to go too.
  • Taposaebaek and Sobaek are 2 mountains.

This is what is South, West, East, and North of South Korea

  • North Korea is North of South Korea.
  • To the South is the Pacific Ocean.
  • To the East is Japan.
  • West is China this is around South Korea.

History of South Korea

  • They call Korea chosen and means "Land of the Morning Clam."
  • They had a war and about 1.4 to 1.2 million Koreans died.
  • Ssireum is a kind of sumo wrestlers.
  • Honbok is a special holiday in South Korea.

People and Places

  • Silla was a dynasty in South Korea .
  • Baekje was a dynasties in South Korea.
  • Seoul is the capital city in South Korea.
  • Kwangju is one of Korea other cities.

Life styles

  • Children don't usually help around the house.
  • Children usually take any opportunity to go to school.
  • Fathers are the head of the family.
  • He and his oldest son receive the greatest respect.


  • They usually fly places.
  • They uses buses Privet cars are Urban transportation.
  • Taxis are also Urban transportation.

My choice

  • The woman bow to greet people.
  • The men shake hands between each other
  • Woman shake hands less often than boys


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