Water Quality

By: Marina, Allie & Man

Why is water quality important?

Water Quality is important because they help protect and restore the quality of the nations surface water, consistent with the requirements of the Clean Water Act.

Water quality can be affected by the amount of pollutants in the water or all the sediment that has settled in the tanks. When we pour medicines, chemicals and paints down the drain it affects and polluts the waters. Our working factories are also draining and pouring waste into our water systems. Some things we don't see is that when our pipes leak they run off into the waters and that affects the water quality.

We can help the water quality by not throwing trash or rubbish into the water. Don't run the tab water unless its needed, we should try to reduce the amount of water we use. We should not be throwing chemicals, oils, paints or medicine down the drains. We can buy environmentally safe cleaning systems to use. When we use pesticides, be sure not to overuse them. If you live near bodies of water be sure to plant lots of trees and plants so that when it rains all the chemicals don't drain into the body of water.

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