Digital Citizenship Project

Simone w. p2

Top 8 Digital Citizenship Rules

  1. Be respectful online.
  2. Be careful when putting your personal info online.
  3. Don't post anything you wouldn't want your parents, teachers, friends,etc. to see.
  4. Keep your identity a secret.
  5. If someone's cyber bullying you don't bully them back.
  6. Don't take credit for someone else's work .
  7. Ask the creators permission before using their copyrighted work.
  8. THINK before you do anything on the internet.


Digital Citizenship is showing the same citizenship you would show in real life online. It's important to display positive digital citizenship. If you don't there can be consequences to your actions. One easy way to stay display positive citizenship is to follow the top 8 digital citizen rules (as show above).