Caesar Mixtape

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Steel Prophet - The Ides Of March

Song 1- Ides of March by Steel Prophet

This song is about how Caesar needs to beware of the Ides of March, just like in the story. Caesar doesn't listen to these many warnings about the Ides of March and this ultimately lead to his death. This was a reoccurring theme throughout Act 1 & 2. The first warning came from the soothsayer in Act 1, Scene 2 from the soothsayer. In Act 1, Scene 2 there are weird storms too that many take as a warning, except Caesar. Even his wife had dreams of his demise in Act 2, Scene 2. In the song it says "Caesar, beware these days I pray thee, beware these days a vision, comes to the seer It fills my brain, I see your pain." He is ultimately killed by the conspirators in Act 3, Scene 1. One of the conspirators is his friend Brutus. In the song it says "Your friends, you thought so dear. They plot your death, your death's so near. In the dark, I see their face. Such twisted face, I see their face."

- Brad Dabrowski

AC/DC - Hail Caesar

Song 2- Hail Caesar by ACDC

This song mainly focuses on Caesar through out the entire play. In the first Acts, everybody is worshiping Caesar. In the song Hail Caesar, the main chorus is about people worshiping him by yelling "Hail Caesar". In Act 3 scene 1, the conspirators all go up and stab caesar to death. This is one of the most tragic moments in the entire play. it shows betrayl and it mentions that Brutus stabbed him from behind. The song does a good job of recreating the moment.It says "The Senators rehearse the tale 'Watch out Caesar, watch out Caesar'... "You need eyes in the back of your head boy, or you're dead." this shows and explains the moment Caesar died, by saying how he needed to be careful and watch his back.

-Gio Gomez

“El Chipo Jr”

Main Idea: Caesar is a Cocky and Arrogant Man

This song gives a demonstration about how Caesar is cocky, arrogant about himself and his title. In Act 1 scene 2 Caesar quotes Such men as he be never at heart's ease

Whiles they behold a greater than themselves,

And therefore are they very dangerous.

I rather tell thee what is to be feared

Than what I fear; for always I am Caesar.

Caesar’s last speeches are probably the most telling about him. As Metellus begs for his brother, Caesar places himself above other men because he is not flattered (or moved to pity) by other men’s sad states. Later, Caesar compares himself to the North Star, thinking he is the only one among all men who cannot be moved. This lets the audience know that Caesar thinks he's better than any other man on earth which upsets Brutus and Cassius.

~Javar Duckett lil bihh

2 Chainz

El Chapo Jr prod by Two7teen by 2 Chainz