Tech Tuesday Newsletter- February 9

Digital Learning Day, Marva Visit, SAMR Studies

Digital Learning Day 2016

Digital Learning Day this year is being held on February 17th, 2016. This year our schools focus will be exposing the community to "Digital Learning" opportunities available to their students since our 1:1 initiative. We will be having a DLD Day open house for the community from 8:30-10:30. We will be offering parent technology classes that day as well to help parents understand how to "operate" the chromebook as well as how to monitor students work. Please make plans to showcase how "Digital Learning" can be utilized in your classroom and have these DLD plans submitted to me by Monday, Feb. 15.

Advanced Learning Partnerships- Second Visit (Feb. 25-26)

Marva from Advanced Learning Partnerships will be visiting with us again for professional development on Feb. 25 & 26. These days are meant to be "observation" days where she comes in to observe how you are incorporating the concept of blended learning into your classroom. Her focus WILL NOT be on what tech tools you are using but on if your students are being given to communicate, collaborate, and critically think within the provided lesson. She will also be looking for evidence that you have used the SAMR model for technology when planning your lessons with respect to the technology used. Attached you will find her schedule for the 25th. She plans on observing two classes per period staying about 25 min or so in each class. On the 26th she will be hosting "reflection" sessions with each of you about the lessons and about goal setting. Please visit the following link to request what reflection time you would like on the 26th. Please click the link below to request your reflection time.
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SAMR Model Studies

What is the SAMR Model and How do we use it to plan?

The SAMR model is considered to be the "blooms taxonomy" of technology. SAMR is an acronym that stands for Substitution, Augmentation, Modification and Redefinition. Each of these letters represent a category for which a tech tool or lesson activity would fit. The goal of each lesson is for students to have opportunities to collaborate, communicate and critical think in at least a few of these categories. The higher the category the more rigorous and authentic the learning activity.