Lynn Fanning Elementary School

Learning today, leading tomorrow.

LFES Mission

Teachers, staff, parents and students will all take an active role in the development of students' moral, intellectual, and social skills. Together we will provide a safe environment conducive to learning with an integrated, meaningful curriculum designed to accommodate all learning styles and individual needs.

A review of our 1st 9 weeks

Our school year is off to a great start. We have accomplished so much and have more to look forward to.

  • Indian Ed meets weekly on Mondays. They will continue to meet until the end of the month.
  • ACE for our 3rd graders meets weekly on Tuesdays. Our 2nd graders are currently being screened for next school year.
  • Our students in all grades have been assessed in DIBELS Reading. Our students in grade 1st-3rd have been assessed in DIBELS Math. We can use this data to better meet their needs in the classroom to guide instruction. We will assess students again in December and April.
  • Our 3rd graders have also been assessed in Reading and Math on SCANTRON and we will assess them again mid year and end of year.
  • Thank you, grandparents and parents, for joining us for breakfast and supporting our Media Center during our Fall Book Fair.
  • Our Color Run was a HUGE success. We are VERY close to meeting our goal of $20,000 and hope to exceed it so we can cover the costs of the run to add more equipment to our back playground.

DIBELS: Dynamic Indicators of Basic Early Literacy Skills

DIBELS stands for Dynamic Indicators of Basic Early Literacy Skills, and is comprised of six measures that function as indicators of the essential skills that every child must master to become a proficient reader. The DIBELS® measures are brief (most take one minute to administer), and are used to regularly monitor the development of early literacy and early reading skills. DIBELS was designed to identify children experiencing difficulty in the acquisition of basic early literacy skills, in order to provide support early and prevent the occurrence of later reading difficulties.

DIBELS® Math is comprised of measures of early numeracy, computation, and problem solving that function as indicators of the essential skills that every child must master in order to become proficient in mathematics. The measures can be used to quickly and efficiently monitor the development of mathematics skills. DIBELS Math is designed for use in identifying children experiencing difficulty in the acquisition of basic mathematics skills, in order to provide support early and prevent the occurrence of later mathematics difficulties.

PTA Update

Thank you for participating in the coupon book sales. All orders have been filled. Our success is due to you! PTA profited $4475 for the school! Way to go!!

Pizza party for winning grade level classes will be held on October 26th.

Kindergarten: Mrs Pope
1st grade tie: Mrs. Coffey and Mrs. Bedwell
2nd grade: Ms. France
3rd grade: Mrs. Baeder

Every second Thursday of each month is restaurant night at Supper Heroes on Winchester Road.

Community Involvement

Thank you to Flint River Baptist Church for supporting our school with lunch for the faculty/staff when we returned from summer break and for helping us park cars when we have large events.


Attendance is important as well as being on time. Our goal is 96% attendance rate. So far, we are holding at 97%!!!

We are currently at 402 tardies where students have checked in after 7:40 and before 7:50. Remember, the car line opens at 7:10.

Always send a note when your child is absent from school, but the note does not always guarantee that the absence will be excused. In order to be excused, it must fall into one the following categories:

  • 1X – Personal Illness Elementary, Intermediate, and Middle School Students – A maximum of eight (8) absences for the school year shall be coded as an excused absence when a valid excuse is provided by the parent or custodian. High School Students - A maximum of four (4) absences per semester shall be coded as an excused absence when a valid excuse is provided by the parent or custodian.
  • 2X - Doctor, dental, or other medical excuse for the child
  • 3X - Death in the immediate family (Parents, Grandparents, and Siblings) - A maximum of two (2) excused days or three (3) if the memorial service is beyond a radius of 100 miles from the local school.
  • 4X – Inclement weather, which would be dangerous to the life and health of the child as determined by the principal.
  • 5X - Legal - required court appearance as ordered by subpoena or other court document.
  • 6X - Prior permission of the principal upon request of the parent or custodian. According to MCBOE approved guidelines.
  • 7X – Legal quarantine – Medical documentation required.

Check outs

There should be no checkouts after 2:00 pm.

Book Character Dress Up on October 31st

We are excited to have Book Character Dress Up on October 31st. Please make sure your child has the book with them, has read it and is familiar with who they are dressed like. Masks will not be permitted as well as anything pertaining to a weapon or is scary in nature.

LFES Media Center

Book Fair Success!

Thank you to everyone who visited and volunteered at our recent Book Fair! We had a wonderful week and put almost 2,000 books in our students’ hands. Our next Book Fair will be in February- see you there!

Lost & Damaged Library Books

If your child has a book that gets damaged, please do not try to fix it at home. The Library has special materials & tools for fixing books. Mrs. Kralovec would rather the book be brought back and she will fix it. She will do everything possible to fix it so that you do not have to pay for it. We’ve had several cases recently where repairs have been attempted at home and they made the damage worse, resulting in having to pay for the book.

If your child loses a Library book, please contact Mrs. Kralovec before purchasing a replacement book. We need to ensure that the book is being replaced with a comparable book. Many of our books are library bound and need to be replaced with the same. Those books need to be ordered from a library company.

Lowe’s Toolbox Grant

Our Library received the Lowe’s Toolbox Grant at the end of last school year. We’re having a great time with our new Makerspace materials! With the grant, we purchased new iPads, Dash and Dot robots, 2 3D printers and a few other amazing goodies. Ask your child about Mega-Maker Wednesdays! Thank you, Lowe’s!